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Choosing meaningful experiences

What we mean by meaningful experiences

Spaces you come away from with memories or moments that you’ll always remember.

How we choose

We’ve been finding, inspecting and curating the spaces in our collection since 2010. In that time we’ve developed a very clear idea of what makes something a quality experience. We would never use a checklist or a points system, because we value individuality above all. We love the fact that our places have their own unique character. What we do is consider a number of factors, talk to the owner about the experience they want to provide, and decide whether or not the space will give you a truly meaningful experience.


Surprising or unusual

There should always be a moment or detail that you’ll be excited to tell people about - an outdoor bath, a tree swing with a view, talking shepherding/brewing/jam-making with the owner, a sense of perfect peace.


Connection to nature

Staying in our spaces should make you feel enriched by nature - You should hear, smell, feel the natural world around you - whether it’s birdsong, blossoming apple trees or the trunk of a tree growing up through your lounge.


The Canopy & Stars basics

We make sure you’ll have a good night’s sleep and talk you through the rest of the experience, whether it’s soaking in a roll top bath and firing up a hob, or washing under a waterfall and cooking over an open fire.


Environmental responsibility

Protecting nature is important to us and to our owners. We’re far more likely to accept a place if steps have been taken to reduce environmental impact, whether it’s recycling and solar panels, straw bale construction or use of only reclaimed materials.


Owners and hospitality

It’s important that you get a warm welcome, which is one of the reasons we inspect in person. We get to know our owners and the experience they provide. Even if you don’t meet them at check in, their personality and generosity will come across in the little touches they give to their space.  


Connection to local

A space should give you a real feel for its location. This could be local delicacies in an honesty shop, design that echoes the area’s history or walking maps and gems of insider knowledge that help you immerse yourself in where you’re staying.

What our guests say...

Mark Bond, owner of Living Room Treehouses, Powys

Owner of Living Room Treehouses Mark Bond talks about how an idea in the pub turned into a forest full of incredible spaces where people come to enjoy his quiet corner of Wales.

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