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Supporting independents about us

We’re passionate about supporting small-scale, independent businesses. After all, we are one ourselves. We encourage owners to keep building great spaces and our guests to discover them.

Celebrating the creativity of our owners

We support a community of independent businesses that share our values and purpose. We help and advise people building new spaces, but we don’t run them. Instead we let their creativity thrive. We don’t work with large-scale sites only interested in squeezing spaces onto their land and making as much money as they can. Our spaces are peaceful places that give you a connection to nature and have a personal touch that comes from giving passionate people the freedom to do incredible things.

Supporting the local economy

We have over 750 spaces, which is around 370 businesses in rural areas across the UK and Europe. Each of these, with the building and sourcing choices they make, and just by taking guests out into the countryside, is encouraging sustainable tourism and a deeper connection to nature. Where it’s needed, we help owners find environmentally responsible products and suppliers, although we’re happy to say that a lot of them are way ahead of us on this one. In fact, there’s a ripple effect into the local economy from a lot of our places. An owner might have a local craftsman build a cabin from their own coppiced wood, then furnish it with sheepskins from the farm next door, pottery from a nearby artisan, locally-made soap, jam from a neighbouring orchard and other things that spread the positive impact of a new business through the area.

Supporting independents
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