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Working better

We believe that a positive relationship between travel and the environment is possible. We also believe that companies should contribute to the communities they are based in and have an effect on. Finally, we believe work should be a balanced, fun part of people’s lives. Every year, we publish an Impact Report which lays out the work we’ve been doing on all those fronts. It shows which of our goals and targets we’ve reached, which we’re pushing further or falling short of and what we intend to do next. You can download and read it in full here, but here are some highlights. 

Go Net Zero by 2030

Tackling the impacts of the climate crisis is a key part of our future. We’re working working closely with experts to create strategies to help ourselves and the owners of places to stay reduce their carbon emissions. 

In 2021 we partnered with Ecollective to measure and reduce our emissions, surveyed our suppliers to ensure our partnerships are responsible and our team members to understand work related energy use and transport emissions.

In 2022 we will refine our 2030 reduction strategy, reduce our carbon footprint by at least 8% and support owners and guests to reduce their emissions 

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Promote responsible travel

We recognise our contribution to the negative effects of the travel industry and our responsibility to encourage our guests and owners to think about the impact they have on the communities they visit or live in

In 2021 we organised an online seminar with other founding members of the TravelbyBCorp group, where travel experts discussed responsible Travel to mark Earth Day on April 22 2021.

In 2022 we will place caps on the number of places we represent in locations subject to overtourism and incentivise responsible travel for guests wherever possible.

Plant 1 million trees

We have committed to tree planting and conservation as part of our mission to use our profits and influence to restore ecosystems. We recognise this has to go beyond trees and will explore other important habitats which require protection and restoration.

In 2021 we planted 92,700 trees by donating one for every booking we took, an Oliver Bonas partnership and others, as well as donating a day’s profits to Treesisters during COP26 and £1,000 to Forest of Avon Trust

In 2022 we will plant 250,000 trees to get us closer to our target and engage with a variety of habitat restoration projects.

Tree planting

Establish a Charitable Trust

We achieved this in 2018, creating the trust with a 24% stake in the company so that it could use its share of profits to support environmental causes. Now we’re looking to make the trust work harder.  

In 2021 we donated £1,700 to Save The Oaks and gave our Charitable Trust £10,000

In 2022 we will invest the total £20,000 currently assigned to the trust wherever we think it will have the greatest effect

Improve our B Corp score

The Sawday’s family of companies gaining B Corp certification was a huge achievement and we’re keen to push ourselves to improve our score and form a community of like minded companies.

In 2021 we were in the top 5% in B Corp’s Best for the World for Workers. We promoted B Corp and Better Business practices across all of our channels in March’s B Corp month and (with others) launched to help guests, media and the travel industry find out more about the movement

In 2022 we will improve our score to over 100 during recertification in November, with the “Customers” and “Environment” sections identified as two areas where we plan to improve

Support our community champions

Our Community Champions are charities, Community Interest Companies (CICs) and other purpose-driven organisations or cooperatives who receive free or subsidised membership, or reduced commission to aid the causes they support.

In 2021 we extended the community across all three of Sawday’s, Canopy & Stars and Paws & Stay, welcoming a total of nine new members to the group.

In 2022 we will bring on board a further ten organisations, meeting the target set for 2025 two years ahead of schedule.

Engage in volunteering

Through offering volunteering days, we want to create a positive culture within the company and give employees the agency to make a meaningful impact in their local communities. 

In 2021 we aimed for 100% of the company to have gone out on volunteering days. Although we fell a little short, hitting 90%, we’re still proud of the effort everyone made.

In 2022 we will look for continuous volunteering opportunities we can undertake as a company, to have more lasting impact for those organisations we support in this way

Collaborate on our governance

We have a unique ownership model as a company – split 52% for the employees, 24% for our Charitable Trust and 24% for the founding family. It fosters a collaborative environment in which we all contribute to maintaining and developing our values.

In 2021 we reshaped the Employee Council, conducted a survey on pay and benefits, developed an ethical supplier checklist, committed to moving to the ethical bank Triodos and added another female member to the board, which is now over 40% female.

In 2022 we will try and improve the transparency and empowerment of all employees and our score in employee surveys. We are currently deciding, as a company, on the addition of a new benefit, but we’re also looking for other ways to keep this moving forwards.

Promote equality and access to nature

This is our big new direction for 2022, so there’s nothing to report except our ambition. We have long understood the importance of having access to nature for health and wellbeing. The past two years have highlighted a dismaying imbalance in the ease of access to nature and we are determined to promote equal access, particularly for those from disadvantaged and under-represented groups.