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As featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4

The summer of 2017 saw a spectacular sight gracing Bristol’s skyline; Canopy & Stars at Crane 29 - a glorious treehouse suspended high in one of Bristol Harbourside’s iconic cranes!

After seven years of collating our collection of the most unusual places to stay in the outdoors, we wanted to bring the experience of a Canopy & Stars holiday to the heart of the city. After three years of planning and design we threw ourselves into a three week build beginning in May 2017.

The treehouse was supported by brilliant solutions from B&Q and was built using sustainable and low impact materials. Though it rose high above Bristol’s harbourside for only 130 nights, over 10,000 people applied for a chance to stay. Just 260 guests were lucky enough to get the chance to climb into our city-centre cocoon of calm. 

  • 3 years of planning and design
  • 3,000 screws used to hold it all together
  • Over 500 plants used to create a truly sensational sensory experience
  • 260 lucky guests
  • 29 birthday celebrations
  • 4 honeymoons (including one couple that got married at the SS Britain earlier that day!)
  • The nearest guests lived just an 8-minute walk away, whilst the furthest came 250 miles from Brittany, France
  • Over £5,000 raised for partner charity Friends of the Earth
  • 40 planters are now being proudly displayed in local schools (including Glenfrome Primary and St Werburghs Primary) and South Bristol Sensory Gardens - a sensory garden for children and young people with additional needs and their parents and carers
  • Supported by brilliant solutions from B&Q, 4 Bristol families in need benefited from B&Q products used in the project, through their charity partner Shelter
  • 1 iconic cargo crane returned to its former glory
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With some of the best views in Bristol, Canopy & Stars at Crane 29 provided an utterly unique nature inspired sanctuary. When guests stepped inside they found surprising multi-sensory experience of woodland scents, forest sounds and earthy textures. We took care of every comfort, from the sofa looking out over the waterfront to the hammock and the big double bed. We filled the space with essential oils, scented shower steamers and the sound of birdsong. We borrowed, we recycled and we created until we had a space that reflected everything we love, from the watering can shower head to the deep, melting pillows.

With support from

The build of low-impact treehouse was supported by brilliant solutions from B&Q. They supplied us with sustainable materials for the build to help ensure our target of a completely carbon neutral project.

All profits from Canopy & Stars at Crane 29 went to Friends of the Earth, meaning every stay at the treehouse also contributed to protecting the natural world, climate and biodiversity.