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Feel wild | On the coast

We all feel the call of the sea sometimes. We long for the openness, the enormous sense of potential that you find in rhythmic waves running to far horizons. Here's a little look at how the sea gets all your senses tingling and some great places to feel wild on the coast.

Walking cliff paths to clear water

Our friends at Wild Things Publishing, creators of the Wild Swimming Walks series, bring you a few of their favourite scenic seaside hikes.

Channel your inner shantyman

The sea shanty, almost lost when tall ships were superseded by steam, was championed by a vocal few who kept it alive long enough to become a summer hit. Read about the history of sailor songs and hear a playlist of our favourites.

The best beach BBQ

River Cottage chef and food writer Gill Mellor shows you how to make mackerel followed by rosemary roast peaches, cooked wild on the beach.

Burning pins and pink pirate flags

Rachel Ashe, Founder of Mental Health Swims, on the moment a dip on new year's day started a UK-wide charity, why wild swimming isn't a cure and how she copes (or doesn't) with the cold.

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