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Activities for the Perfect Glamping Holiday

Glamping isn't just a stay in an amazing place, it's a chance to experience nature as you simply don't elsewhere. The soft sound of an oar breaking the water, the chill as you leap into a lake; forest paths, mountain trails, picking fruit and finding eggs, staring at the stars as the fire glows.

Browse the collections below and use the ACTIVITIES tab on a space's page to see what outdoor adventures it has in store. Some you organise with the owners, some you just close your eyes and leap into.


Walking holidays

You're always at the start of a trail when you're glamping. There are spaces on huge estates, just off coastal paths, far away in the hills, even in the heart of National Parks. There's no finding the car park, or dodging coachloads of sightseers, you just set off straight from your door into the landscape, with your eye on the local pub just a few miles down the track.

A beautifully gentle, quiet way to explore the water, whether you travel miles downriver, do a circuit of the lake or set off along the coast. 

Go canoeing >

Hire or borrow a bike, then set off on smooth and scenic paths to explore the local area or crash down muddy hillsides clinging on for your life.

Go cycling >

Stroll down to the beach with your board, book a lesson with the local surf school, or just rent the gear yourself and hit the waves. 

Go surfing >

Spaces with local stables or even their own horses on site. Ride through grand estates, follow trails in the hills or trot through the surf. 

Go horse riding >

Bringing the dogs is an activity in itself. They'll be chasing across the sand and disappearing into the woods from these dog-friendly spaces.

Bring the dog >

Refreshing salty sea air, days spent down by the sea with picnic and games, or striding the cliff paths with views stretching out for miles.

By the coast >


Wild swimming

In summer, a good wild swimming spot can be your base for a day - leave the wine to chill in the water, then leap in when the sun gets too much. In winter it's more of a challenge, but one that leaves your whole body tingling. Find places on river bends or with private lakes, hike to secret beaches and leap into waterfalls. You'll never want to taste chlorine again.

Fire it up and live it up. There's just something great about sitting out in the open with the water piping hot and the drinks ice cold.

Hot tubs >

Wild swimming is great, but if you fancy more civilised lounging, then get a place with a pool for cocktails, reading and cooling afternoon dips. 

Swimming pools >

The first time you bathe outdoors, you peer around nervously to see if you're alone. Second or third time, you're strolling around like Adam & Eve. 

Outdoor washes >


One of the best things about our spaces is their tendency to be pretty out there, literally. Far from urban centres, the low light pollution makes for clear, starry skies and the wonder and relaxation of night time stillness.


Whittle you get up to on your glamping break? Master a new craft and go home with a handmade souvenir, from a simple spatula to a proper chair!

Woodworking >

The outdoors doesn't have to be about adventure - get an open-air massage and be soothed by the sounds of nature as well as healing hands.

Massage >

Some spaces release your creativity - rent out a sound studio and lay a track down, learn batik, basket weaving, candle making and more.

Creative activities >


Kids still have that wonder at the simple things - sleeping in tents, hunting hen's eggs, collecting interesting stones. They'll forage and find, bird spot and den build for hours at our family-friendly spaces.