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Help us plant a million trees

We’re aiming to plant one million trees by 2025, as part of the fight against climate disaster.

To do this, we’ve partnered with the charity Treesisters, who not only get trees planted, but empower communities around the world. We plant a tree for every booking we take, but you have the option to add to that when you come to pay. You can also go straight to Treesisters now and donate to help plant the Canopy & Forest.

“We only have 11 years to address climate change catastrophe by reducing C02 levels”

Why tree planting?

Nature has, in many ways, given us our business and we see it as our responsibility to give back. The threat posed to the environment by rising CO2 levels is severe and worsening day by day and tree planting is one of the most efficient and effective methods of helping lower those levels. We chose our tree planting partner carefully, going with the charity TreeSisters because their tropical planting projects restore ecosystems, increase biodiversity and alleviate poverty, while of course sequestering carbon to help mitigate climate change.

However, we are well aware that planting trees is not, on its own, “the answer”. We need to support the people protecting existing forests and mature trees all over the world, as well as looking beyond trees altogether to other habitats. We’ll be constantly evaluating our efforts in tree planting and other areas, working with inspiring organisations to explore how we can be most effective in doing our part to fight climate change.

Transaction tree stat

Tree Transactions

We could all have a huge impact by encouraging conscious consumerism. If every transaction we made, every day, gave something back to nature, it would be a powerful force in preventing climate crisis. Planting a tree for every booking is only our first step. One million trees is a big target so we’ll be spreading the idea of a tree for every transaction as far and wide as we can.