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What is self check-in?

Self check-in is a form of checking in without coming into contact with a sole, allowing you to holiday in the wild with nothing but nature to keep you company. Many of our spaces operate self check-in. 

How it works 

  1. The owner of the place you are staying in will send you details on how to access the property before your stay. This will usually include directions to the space and instruction as to how to find a key and and let yourself in. 
  2. At our self check-in spaces there is a comprehensive manual as to how everything in the space works. 
  3. The owner is always contactable via phone should you have any questions during your stay. 
  4. When leaving the property the owner will advise how best to lock up the property and leave the key.

View all of our self check-in places here. If you would like to self check-in but the space you are staying in doesn’t currently offer it please enquire with our Guest Experience team on 0117 204 7830 as many of our spaces would be happy to offer it during this time.