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Sortumn definition

Sortumn is that glorious period when sunny days meet campfire nights. There’s still summer warmth but the crowds have ebbed away and the evenings draw in early to give you just a little more time for hot tub stargazing and crackling campfires. It’s our favourite time to go away, so we put together a little sort-of-seasonal guide to the best season for getting outdoors. 

Sortumn weather report

Why sortumn is the glamping sweet spot...


With the school holidays done and peak season over, sortumn glamping is kinder on the pocket.


That place you've had your eye on for ages but always seems to be booked up? It might just have space in sortumn.


Sortumn is a rainbow combining summer's vibrant greens and autumn's golden hues. It's a spectacular time to stay outdoors, no filter required. 


It’s YOUR time now
You're finished with weddings, the big family summer do is over and Christmas is miles away. Seize that spare gap in the calendar.


Personal space
With holiday-makers gone, the forest trails, the beaches, the mountain passes and the seaside towns will all be just that little bit quieter.


Romantic nights
Longer evenings mean more time to get the hot tub fired up for some soaking and stargazing under the clear night skies.

Your sortumn adventure

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