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The Wild Olympics


You've qualified to compete in the Wild Olympics! As part of our Year of Wild, we're opening up some weird and wild outdoor sports to anyone who has a sense of fun and a set of clothes they don't care about. There are embroidered badges on offer and we've got plenty of ideas for your own prizes, opening ceremony and the events themselves. You don't need years of training, tons of equipment or a special lycra onesie (although if you happen to have one, go for it), you just need some outside space and the will to win. And probably some soap, for afterwards.



Marshmallow Muncher

This simple game which tramples stickily all over the Olympic ideal of health and athleticism, is best played in tense silence, with each competitor taking turns to add another marshmallow to their mouth.

SCORING: Most marshmallows in mouth wins


Tree Hugging

We're big on tree hugging this year, and this is your chance to go pro. The tree hugging discipline breaks down into a number of events which can be played out over the whole tournament. There's Tallest Hugged, Smallest Hugged, Longest Hug, Most Trees Hugged and the beautiful and artistic Figure Hugging, with points for style.

SCORING: Up to you. Could be style points from an independent judge or timed tree hugging


Stone Skimming

Skim the stones, count the bounces. So simple. But the key to this game of agonising stone selection, perfect angles and precise technique, is to play on a rainy day and claim all the raindrop ripples as places your stone skimmed. Our personal best is 100,000!

SCORING: American rule: highest number of skips wins. Scottish rule: longest distance travelled wins. You decide!



More of a stylistic event than a strictly measured one. For this river based event each "diver" takes three turns and judges score each jump. Marks out of 10 are given based on largeness of splash, redness of back (or belly in case of technique failure), wildness of scream and so on. Other criteria may be used at judge’s discretion.

SCORING: Style points


Woodland Limbo

A few dead branches can easily be used to set up the event known originally known as the Can't High Jump. Each competitor gets three attempts to travel face last, on their feet, under the bar at the first height. The bar is then lowered and anyone who cleared the first height has three goes at the new one.   

SCORING: Lowest limbo-er wins


Wellie Wanging

Simply agree a line from which to throw and the winner is the person who wangs their welly further than any other player. All techniques (two-handed, overhead, running dive) are acceptable.

SCORING: Furthest welly-wang wins


Apple Relay

Our friends at Rude Health have rustled up their own Olympic sport for us! Not your average relay. No hands, no running, no baton. Neck and fruit only. Line up in your teams with the the first person holding the apple between chin and chest (strong muscles needed). Pass the apple neck to neck down the line.  

SCORING: Ferry the apple to the end of the line with no dropping, no snacking, no hands, only your necks. Fastest team wins.

Download our printable Wild Olympic guide >Download our printable Wild Olympic guide

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