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Simple is beautiful

Fourth stage of the Natural Being Manifesto: Simple is Beautiful

You should be pretty natural by now if you’ve been following the program. There’s only one more step to take and you’ll be a fully fledged Natural Being, so all you have to do is remember what it’s all about; Simple is Beautiful. Appreciate the small things and keep fun, friends, family and all the important things close. Below you’ll find a whole host of places perfect for that. Doesn’t it feel great? Doesn’t it feel different? Doesn’t it feel… natural?

The natural being manifesto
Our simple is beautiful collection

Snug spots with a Scandi vibe; make like a Dane and enjoy the cosiest of our cabins. 

Let the batteries on all your devices run down as you recharge your own. No electricity, no WiFi, no interruptions.

Great spots designed to make it easy for everyone to cook, play or just relax together. 

Our highly scientific, professional and exceptionally important manifesto lays out the four stages on the path to Natural Being. Simple is Beautiful is the fourth step of the process; join us and feel the stress evaporate as nature surrounds you, letting mud and happiness settle where those little worries used to take up room. Click above to see the full manifesto or skip straight to some places to awaken your Natural Being below.

Sink into the tub and soak under the stars, there is nothing quite like it.

Get some salty air in your lungs and let the meditative lap of the waves utterly relax you.

Enjoy sunrise without lifting your head off the pillow at these places with great views from the bed.

Exactly as it sounds. A collection of secluded places where nobody will see, or care if they do, as you let it all hang out.

Practice the Japanese art of surrounding yourself in forest and letting the soft sights and sounds of trees soothe you.

Places where you can ditch those boring lengths with chlorine stinging your eyes and let a blast of fresh water wash the stress away.

Calming cabins where you can drop all distractions, shake off your cares and even pick up a new craft.

Watch lazy sparks float up into the night, listen to the soft crackle of the wood and huddle round to toast marshmallows.

When you sing in these showers, the birds sing back! Check out these places where even washing is a wild, al fresco experience.