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A Life More Wild - Series 3 Episode 4

Liv Little

Liv Little on creativity, loss and grounding herself by the sea

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In A Life More Wild we walk and talk in the countryside with fascinating people, transporting you to the great outdoors and helping you connect with nature through their unique perspectives. In this episode, we join Liv for a walk along the Kent coast, as she talks about creativity, loss, grounding herself by the sea… and trying to keep her socks dry.

Liv Little often found herself asked to speak on behalf of all marginalised voices, as the only person of colour in the room… so she decided to build her own room. She founded Gal Dem magazine, a place and community where anyone could talk not just about their trauma, but about their joys and passions. It was the creation of a home that helped and inspired many people over the eight years for which it ran. She then took that search spiritual, emotional home as the theme for her debut novel, Rosewater.

A Life More Wild is an 18Sixty production, brought to you by Canopy & Stars. The producers for this episode were Gareth Evans and Clarissa Maycock. Sound recording by Marnie Woodmeade. Our theme music is by Billie Marten.

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