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Eight outdoor showers where you can immerse yourself in nature

Eight outdoor showers where you can immerse yourself in nature

One of the most uplifting ways to start any day is under an outdoor shower feeling a light breeze on your skin and listening to the sound of birdsong. Take a look at eight of our finest outdoor showers where you can immerse yourself in nature.

Person wild swimming in a rural area
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Six wild swimming spots for your bucket list

We’ve rounded up six of the coolest wild swimming spots in the UK where you’ll find Canopy & Stars glamping places conveniently close by for a feel-good getaway. We know you’re a sensible bunch, but we’ve got to say it, always follow the relevant health and safety advice when wild swimming.

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6 groups improving access to the outdoors

If you live in a in a rural area, it’s easy to lament the lack of people coming to make use of it and appreciate wild spaces. But in reality, access to wild spaces remains difficult for many, for a multitude of reasons. Many groups are fighting this inequality, and whilst there are a few hundred you could join or support – here are six fighting the good fight.

How to make barista style coffee when you’re in the wild

How to make barista style coffee when you’re in the wild

Going on holiday can often see you finding some new incredible spot to grab your java, but what about when you’re up to your ears in wonderful wild? Well, fear not coffee-lover, we’ve got a few ways you can still make a great coffee on a Canopy & Stars holiday.

Stinging nettle PPE
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Is it possible to eat stinging nettles for a day?

Nettles are currently in season and we had an idea to see what it was like to eat them for a whole day, so we put our copywriter Jem to the test. Read more to find out what meals he cooked and whether he'd do it again.

Gold Top interior
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My Wild Weekend: a writing retreat with Liv Little

We got chatting to writer and editor and soon to be director, Liv Little. She talks to the team about taking a break in nature & finding inspiration away from the whiplash life of writing on the train on the way to the next big thing.

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From the tallest peaks to the lowest valleys, and all that’s found in between, we take you on tours of the wild, foodie destinations, indie shops and the best of outdoor adventures.



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These are just few ways to explore the adventure, culture and history of Dorset’s coast. We’ve put them together in groups that would make great days or half days.



These are just a few things we love to do when we’re in Northumberland. Each group makes a great day or half day,

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