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Eating seasonally with Julius Roberts: A hearty winter sausage stew

A first-generation farmer and restaurant-trained chef, Julius Roberts swapped his 6am starts at renowned restaurant, Noble Rot in London, for 6am goat feeds out in the Dorset countryside. Tired of the 17-hour days and the inevitable hedonistic lifestyle of hospitality, Roberts sought a slower, healthier pace - in check with nature. Over the next few months we'll be bringing you seasonal recipes, perfect for making on your next Canopy & Stars adventure. Over to Julius...

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Christmas market with lights
Cabin Inspiration

Cabins near Christmas markets

Soak up the fairytale atmosphere at one of the UK’s most charming Christmas markets, then keep the magic going in a cosy cabin nearby. Buoyed by a day of festive cheer, twinkling lights and steaming hot chocolate, stagger back with your haul of seasonal goodies for a feast in front of the wood burner.


The five things you need to forage to have the best wreath on the street

This winter, we’re headed outdoors to find our very own wreath, and we want to see you out there! Instead of traipsing town, squeezing through the huddled masses in search of plastic – take to the fields, the woods, the wide-open spaces.

Cabin Inspiration

Cabins for a winter girls weekend away

From windswept walks and long pub lunches to board games, group yoga sessions and tempting local distilleries, you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do out of season.

Wild World

Foraged by Fern: Wild mushroom pasta

We spoke to Fern Freud, a forager, wild wanderer and the genius behind Foraged with Fern. Based in Sussex, she makes wild swimming, canoeing and hiking part of a day’s work and uses her in-depth knowledge of the wild around her to find delicious dishes hidden in the hedgerows. This week, we found out how easy it was to make a phenomenal, foraged mushroom pasta dish!

Wild World

6 groups improving access to the outdoors

If you live in a in a rural area, it’s easy to lament the lack of people coming to make use of it and appreciate wild spaces. But in reality, access to wild spaces remains difficult for many, for a multitude of reasons. Many groups are fighting this inequality, and whilst there are a few hundred you could join or support – here are six fighting the good fight.

Wild World

Japan has 72 seasons, why do we only have four?

Japan, inspired by even older Chinese tradition, separates the year into 72 micro seasons. They’re centred around things like animal behaviour, weather patterns and the flowering of plants, with each given a poetic name, like “Frogs start singing” or “Earth is damp, air is humid”.

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