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Our Impact Strategy

Having a positive impact on the environment, communities and the travel industry, has always been at the core of what we do and why we do it. Travel can be better. It should be better, for everyone involved. So we’re constantly looking for ways to do more good, not just with our profits, but with our everyday practices.

Every year, we publish an impact report, which details both our successes and the challenges we’ve faced while working to make our business a force for good. Below you can see the most important points, like our Net Zero commitment, our Access to Nature campaign and our Overtourism Policy, but the full report is available here.

Net Zero by 2030

As a travel company we knew we were part of the problem, so took a hard, honest look at our emissions, which showed us our where our biggest opportunities and challenges lay, as well as allowing for some immediate gains and enabling us to set an ambitious goal that doesn’t dodge the difficult questions.


We launched a policy capping the number of places we work with in certain locations. We hope to inspire others to do the same and encourage guests to explore new destinations or travel out of season, to help spread the burden tourism puts on communities.

People & Communities

Alongside reactive work like fundraising to support Ukrainian refugees, we saw our charitable trust help fund young environmentalists through The Resilience Project and ran pro bono marketing days to help charities thrive.

Access to Nature

A new commitment to improving access to nature for two groups – those with disabilities and disadvantaged young people – proved a steep learning curve that prompted deep reflection, while the proceeds from our Wild Cards were all donated to the Wilderness Foundation, with whom will be working more next year.

Protecting Nature

With treeplanting under increasing scrutiny, we examined our conservation work and decided on a thorough review of our practices, while still maintaining support for some great local projects.

Workers & Governance

With employee ownership providing a powerful platform, we expanded benefits, implemented several new policies on maternity leave, carers and periods, and formed a team to ensure inclusivity across the company.

What’s next? 2023 Goals

We’re challenging ourselves to do more in every area. Alongside our ambitious Net Zero target, we’ll be doing new conservation work, picking up speed on our accessibility project, continuing to examine our internal practices while also funding and supporting a range of causes. It’s going to be a busy but brilliant year.