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Stinging nettle PPE
Wild World

Is it possible to eat stinging nettles for a day?

Nettles are currently in season and we had an idea to see what it was like to eat them for a whole day, so we put our copywriter Jem to the test. Read more to find out what meals he cooked and whether he'd do it again.

Bed in woodland
Wild World

Tired of being tired: are sleepcations really a thing?

Good sleep is now so rare for many of us, that we’re taking time off just to do it. It’s called a sleepcation and it’s yet another symptom of our stressed modern lives.

Train track through a forest
Wild World

The ultimate train travel guide: explore more, stress less, save the planet

By now, we all know that it’s not just about the incredible place you end up staying for a few days, but the process you use to get there (don’t get us started on those rail vs planes figures). So, the question is, why should you – and more importantly, how?

Wild World

6 groups improving access to the outdoors

If you live in a in a rural area, it’s easy to lament the lack of people coming to make use of it and appreciate wild spaces. There are many groups fighting this inequality, and whilst there are a few hundred you could join or support – here are six fighting the good fight.

bus in a rural village
Wild World

Is it possible to go on holiday using £2 buses? We put it to the test

Could travelling by bus be cheaper, more accessible? Perhaps even more scenic? We sent our Junior Copywriter Jem to put it to the test and chronicle the experience as he went.

Person walking within purple flowers
Wild World

Your favourite walk may have an expiry date

Got a special place in nature? A secret waterfall maybe, a bend in the river, a clearing in the trees? Somewhere you go to think, or a picnic spot you always take people to? Well, believe it or not, as timeless as those well-worn paths seem – they may not be there forever.

Gold Top interior
Wild World

My Wild Weekend: a writing retreat with Liv Little

We got chatting to Liv Little about taking a break in nature, WFC (that’s working from cabin, to the uninitiated) – and finding inspiration away from the whiplash life of writing on the train on the way to the next big thing.

Wild World

Chloe’s stay at Wonham Oak

We borrowed the expertise of the editor of Disability Review Magazine and guest editor of Not Your Monolith – Chloe Johnson. Chloe headed out to try a stay in The Wonham Oak, and explore glamping on the edge of an abandoned quarry.

Wild stories from our community

Wild World

Meet the man on a mission to save Lake Windermere: Matt Staniek

To get an understanding of what’s going on in the Lake District, we spoke to zoologist, conservationist and (now award-winning) campaigner, Matt Staniek.

Sarah Afiqah Rodgers standing my the edge of the sea on a cliff
Wild World

Meet the: Photographer who adventures for a living: Sarah Afiqah Rodgers

We caught up with Sarah Afiqah Rodgers, photographer, explorer, and van lifer (and figure skater) – and asked her about her work documenting some of the wildest places on earth, some of which are in our own back yard.

Wild World

Meet the: man who lives in a cabin year-round: Samuel Glazebrook

We got chatting with Samuel Glazebrook, filmmaker, photographer, musician and all-round outdoor sports enthusiast – about how he built his very own cabin, and what it’s like to be there year-round.

Wild World

Meet the owners: the couple who created an amazing community woodland

Would you go on holiday to work? What if we’re not talking about taking your laptop, but helping to manage a beautiful woodland and being part of a unique community? That’s what’s on offer when you visit Wilderness Wood.

 Flora & Fauna exterior with ramp access
Wild World

My Wild Weekend: Hexagons, honey farms and an accessible stay at Flora & Fauna

This month, we asked Gem Hubbard (@wheelsnoheels) to let us know what she thought of our two new accessible spaces, Flora & Fauna.

Wild World

I've swam in every tidal pool in Britain, these are my favourites

Freya Bromley spent a year travelling around mainland Britain searching for these saltwater sanctuaries and wrote about her journey. Here she shares five wild swimming weekends so you can have your own coastal adventure!

Wild foodie adventures

Julius Roberts’s Coffee Semifreddo with Salted Caramel Pistachios
Wild World

Julius Roberts’s coffee semifreddo with salted caramel pistachios

A first-generation farmer and restaurant-trained chef, Julius Roberts swapped his 6am starts at renowned restaurant, Noble Rot in London, for 6am goat feeds out in the Dorset countryside.

Wild World

How to make Hawthorn Ketchup with Foraged by Fern

We hung out with Fern Freud of Foraged by Fern, forager and wild wanderer based in Sussex. Fern showed us how simple it was to make hawthorn ketchup for an incredible sauce you won’t be finding in the shops.

Wild World

Foraged by Fern: Wild mushroom pasta

If you’re in the mood to head out into the wild to and reconnect with nature, then you’re in luck. This week, we found out how easy it was to make a phenomenal, foraged mushroom pasta dish with Fern!

Wild World

One pot wonders

Having been Glamping since 2010, you better believe we’ve seen it all when it comes to cooking at our spaces. One pot dishes, whether you’re working in a professional kitchen or on a rustic fire tripod, will always be the greatest.

Cleavers growing from a woodland floor, with wet fallen leaves
Wild World

The sticky weed that makes a great spring cocktail

No matter how old you are, it remains just as satisfying, and amusing, to stick this plant on people’s backs. What summer memory would be complete without snickering about your plant-adorned friend, or finding the sticky seeds absolutely everywhere on your socks. But what may be less obvious, is that it’s an edible, forage-able, and much more interestingly, drinkable plant.

Wild World

Miranda Gardiner's Zanzibar Fish Soup

Miranda Gardiner is the owner of Bowcombe Boathouse and The Batman’s Summerhouse, where you can actually fish and then try the recipe yourself with your fresh catch!

Campfire Thoughts - a short read whilst the kettle boils or the embers die out

Campfire Thoughts

Stepping out for a moment - the benefits of walking

We look at the importance and benefits of walking. Simple eh!

Campfire Thoughts

A love letter to winter

In this article, we discuss the importance and benefits of winter.

Campfire Thoughts

What are you waiting for?

We explore the difference between carefully planning days out versus spontaneity.

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