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Glamping in Yorkshire

If there’s a better way to lose yourself in massive countryside than going glamping in Yorkshire, we’d love to hear about it. We’ve personally inspected every treehouse, barn and bus in our collection of unusual places to stay, making sure that they’ll drop you down in the hills and dales to sit in the lap of luxury while nature strokes your hair.

Our popular place types

These are our most popular glamping place types in Yorkshire. Our team have visited every single one personally, to find only the most special and quirky spaces that we just know you'll want to visit.


Shepherd's huts

Shepherd's huts

Why book a glamping break with Canopy & Stars?

Glamping is like being able to carry an amazing tent, with a double bed in it, all the way up a mountain or into a forest, then drop it down when you find somewhere beautiful. It’s light on packing, extremely light on stress and... dark? on nature, while being extremely low impact on the environment.

Recommended places in Yorkshire

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Why we love glamping in Yorkshire

Why we love glamping in Yorkshire. Discover our unique and quirky places to stay in Yorkshire, plus our tips on all the best things to do on your glamping nature break.

About glamping in Yorkshire

Who we are We’re a small, independent company with our office in Bristol and our hearts in the great outdoors. We love turning up the sort of cool treehouses, weird bothies and remote huts that make glamping in Yorkshire great. We’re proud to support creative owners and builders, who are doing extraordinary things and welcoming guests to their beautiful land while preserving natural beauty.

Why choose glamping? When we go inspecting our places, we’re looking for that feeling of a soul-deep smile, a connection to nature, a sense of warmth and generosity. An outdoor bath goes a long way too. The joy of our collection is that every place is different, but if you find that makes it hard to choose, then get in touch with our Guest Experience Team and they’ll guide you to the perfect one for adventure, relaxation or a brilliant blend of both.

Glamping in Yorkshire with us We’ve personally inspected every place we feature, so whether you’re off glamping in north Yorkshire and roaming the dales, or nipping out of Manchester for a weekend break, you know that what you see is what you get, but with a little more. We’ve checked for comfort and quality, but also made sure there’s a touch of magic to make your holiday memories glow.

We are doing our bit for the planet Sustainable travel seems like a strange term, but we believe it does make sense. Glamping in Yorkshire means staying in low impact structures, built by people who care for their land, but we have a responsibility to do more. Our charitable trust uses its share of the company to support environmental organisations and we use our platform and partnership to encourage greener travel.

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