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Jack Harries jumping over beach groynes at sunset. The text reads "A Wild Weekend with Jack Harries in Kent"

Getting in the spirit in Kent

This summer, we’re diving headfirst into the best of the British countryside with director, filmmaker and environmentalist, Jack Harries, and we’re bringing you along too.

It’s Wild Weekend no. 3, and we track the journey from St Pancras to the sea, in under 90 minutes. From the unexpected to the underappreciated – we start off with a sunset swim and warm back up by the wood burner in a sustainable ‘Beach House’. Get out into the wild with a safari tour to explore Elmley Nature Reserve and meet the minds behind the rewilding of the area. We even get to meet the only spirit distiller in Kent, at the incredible Copper Rivet Distillery.

See where the journey takes Jack, take a quick dip in nature with us – and grab some guides and inspiration for your very own wild weekend below.

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Immerse yourself in the heart of the action in one of our four favourite spaces in Kent for exploring the region from your doorstep.


Three days glamping in Kent

Kent Wildlife Trust manages and protects over 9000 acres of land, on 80 different sites and nature reserves, so if it’s wild you want, it’s wild you’ll get.

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Five underappreciated beaches in Kent

There are some criminally underappreciated stretches of sand in this stunning part of the country, and we’re going to share our five favourites.

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