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How to embrace a rainy glamping weekend

If you start to feel restless for adventure, just head out into the wilds and explore – after all there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Take a look at our best glamping places for a rainy weekend...


What to pack for a glamping staycation

This staycation packing list, made especially for heading out to our amazing glamping spaces, might make you think about the things you wouldn’t take on a less exciting holiday.


Glamping places for foodies

From catching your own fish for supper, to barbequing al fresco and touring local distilleries and vineyards... Take a look at our most delicious glamping places for foodies.

Canopy at night with projector and lighting

Our best places for film lovers

We thought of a few spaces where you can blend nature and technology – and enjoy some wild cinema. Here’s a list of some of our favourite spaces where you can enjoy the silver screen, just a touch greener.

our inclusive and accessible glamping spaces for outdoor activities

Four inclusive and accessible glamping spaces for outdoor activities

We want to ensure that glamping holidays are available and accessible to all, especially because access to nature is so important for our mental wellbeing. Of course, it’s not just the place you stay that makes for a magical holiday, so here are four of our spaces with inclusive and accessible outdoor activities on site, or close by.


Why Saunas are the new hot tubs

We’ve started finding more and more places where a sauna has been added, and frankly, we’re here for it. But other than feeling pretty amazing, what exactly do they do?

Inspiration for couples glamping


Couples glamping breaks with romantic activities

The old adage goes that couples who play together, stay together. So cast aside the DIY, tear up the to-do list and head out into the wilds for some quality time as a couple.


Where to celebrate your dating anniversary

Shared experiences bring couples closer together so we practically guarantee that you’ll use the journey home to start planning your next loved-up adventure. Take a look at our couples glamping places.


The most romantic places to propose in the UK (and where to stay)

There are almost too many incredible spots on Canopy & Stars to consider, but here’s a selection of a few of our favourites to get you started for your proposal inspiration.


Our five favourite romantic getaways in Scotland

For us, romance means the outdoors - reconnecting through drowsy afternoon chats in sighing woodland, murmured conversations in starlit hot tubs or long hikes of wordless companionship.

Inspiration for treehouse glamping

Treehouse Inspiration

Some of our most inspiring treehouses

There is something very special about a treehouse holiday. We're lucky enough to have visited every treehouse in our collection and have rounded up a few of our favourites...

Treehouse Inspiration

Amazing treehouse designs of Scandinavia

Function, simplicity and beauty – our love of Scandi style has long endured but instead of trying to emulate it in the UK, why not spend a few days in a real Scandinavian marvel of design.

Treehouse Inspiration

Our top three treehouses for throwing a celebration

Whether it’s for a big birthday, a uni reunion, engagement party or anniversary, take a look at our best treehouses for throwing an unforgettable celebration.

Treehouse Inspiration

Eight epic treehouse stays under £200 per night

Total immersion in the wild, a surrounding canopy that envelops every corner, and a cool green calm to wash over you (all from under £200 per night)

Inspiration for cabin glamping

Christmas market with lights
Cabin Inspiration

Cabins near Christmas markets

Soak up the fairytale atmosphere at one of the UK’s most charming Christmas markets, then keep the magic going in a cosy cabin nearby.

Cabin Inspiration

Budget glamping cabins with an unlimited supply of nature

Even if you’re on a budget, a glamping trip gives you an unlimited supply of nature, and that’s the most important part by far.

Cabin Inspiration

Cabins for a winter girls weekend away

The feel-good vibes of a girls weekend away will sustain you through the cold, dark months of the year. Belly laughs, deep chats and the chance to reconnect away from the distractions (and responsibilities) of home will clear your mind and send any stress floating away with the steam from the hot tub.

Cabin Inspiration

Six cabins with a pub round the corner

A remote cabin in the countryside, surrounded by wildlife with scenic strolls on the doorstep. What’s missing from this picture of glamping perfection? A cosy country pub.

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