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A Life More Wild - Series 2 Episode 8

Ep 8 - 24 hours in 24 minutes, a sensory nature meditation experience

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A whole day in nature, distilled into a soothing soundscape which carries you off into a life more wild. 

Wake to birdsong, walk in the woods, forage as you go, then dip into a stream to cool off before you head back to sit round the crackling fire. Leave feeling calm, connected and soothed by nature. 

This week we're bringing you a slightly different sort of episode. Earlier this summer we hosted the Slow Down and Relax Tipi at Fearne Cotton's Happy Place festival and ran a number of sensory nature workshops. We received lots of positive feedback about the workshop and people asked if we could share it, so here it is. 

Find a cosy spot, get comfortable and if you've got an eye mask feel free to pop it on. 

Narrated by Rebecca Dennis (@breathing.tree) author of Let It Go and Breathe - A Practical Guide To Breathwork.