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Our summer bucket list

There's a lot to love about adventuring at one of our places. Some of it you might easily guess, but sometimes it's the little things you might not think of that really make your holiday memories shine. We’ve put together a bucket list of our top 25 things to look out for, do or simply lie back and look at, for you to check off next time you're out and about.

  • Discover a new region. You don't even have to go far, you could explore a few miles from home and still be surprised

  • Prepare the road trip playlist with exactly enough songs to get you there. Make sure it’s packed with the right amount of nostalgia, the right amount of Friday feeling and enough bangers that you can all sing along to

  • Go the long way round. Set off on holiday hours before you need to, stopping off at different sites, cute villages and scenic spots that you wouldn’t normally get to see

  • Wake up with nothing in particular to do

  • Get up and watch the sunrise. Will you feel amazing? Definitely. Will you then go straight back to bed? Probably, but it's a lovely false start to the day

  • Finally get round to reading that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months

  • Discover that gem of a rockpool or secret beach that you haven’t found before

  • Scream and dive under the first wave

  • Spend a whole afternoon watching the kids get excited about building a moat around a sandcastle. Who knew it could be that much fun, but hey it’s free entertainment

  • Pack that classic British seaside picnic, twice the amount of sandwiches you need (with added crunchy sand) but loving every minute of the nostalgic crisps, biscuit and piece of fruit combo

  • Get the OS maps out and plan a decent hike, either an old fave or somewhere new

  • Learn to whittle a spoon, or fillet a fish, or master the trails on those mountain biking lessons you’ve been meaning to do for ages

  • Find a little food truck, with yummy local food in the most unexpected place

  • Have an hour long soak in the outdoor bath, whilst someone busily cooks you gourmet dinner and tops up the wine (ok, you might have to book a C&S holiday for this one)

  • Put something delicious from the farm shop on the BBQ

  • Eat one more BBQ’d sausage than you needed to

  • Pimp your alchohol with foraged fruit, because you know it tastes so much better, definitely one of your five a day and if it’s out of the local bush it’s probably organic

  • Find that lovely drowsy feeling that comes from a whole day of fresh air

  • Feel comfortable in the silence of people all watching a fire

  • Get naked. Night time skinny dip anyone?

  • Make sure you say at least once in your most surprised voice “I can’t believe it’s not dark yet” at 9:30 even though it happens every year

  • Crack out the monopoly board and actually get to the end of a game

  • Watch the sunset get more beautiful every second until it fades

  • Go to bed pleasantly exhausted and not at all bothered that it’s only 9:30 (and still light!)

  • Wake up and do it all again

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