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ten unusual glamping places - island cabin, treetop fiddan sweden

Designed by kids - 10 unusual glamping spaces

Some of the unusual glamping places we find when we're out inspecting just blow us away. They seem to have come from a place of pure imagination, evoking a smile and a sense of wonder. It's as if they were designed by kids. These are some of our favourites, but you can always take a look at our one-of-a-kind collection for the full spectrum of superb strangeness. Not all of them are available right now, with a few in Europe that we just couldn't bear to leave out, but why not stick them on that always lengthening wish list or check our places with summer availability if you just can't wait.   

Hinterlandes, The Lake District

Any child that grew up bashing cars together might well have been designing this in their minds. It's a camper van stuck to a school bus and placed in stunning countryside in a remote part of the Lake District. There's a hot tub right next to it and nobody else around for miles.  

Availability winter 2021 and all 2022

Château Jumilhac, France

Bet you never thought that one place could combine all those castle-based fairy stories you used to love AND Swallows & Amazons. Welcome to a floating palace in the Dordogne, with a hot tub and hanging basket chairs on the deck so you can sit back and dream of... exactly where you are.

Availability winter 2021   

The Bird's Nest, Sweden

One from a child of the woods here, at a cabin clad in branches with a retractable ladder that means it almost disappears into its surroundings. Inside there's a cosy curved bedroom and outside, the wilderness of rural Sweden to be explored.  

Availability winter 2021

The island cabin, a treehouse on an island with long boardwalk across the water, in Norway

The Island Cabin, Norway

A proper Peter Pan hideaway - alone on an island with a boardwalk over the water as the only access unless you fancy taking the canoe. During the day you can take nature walks and go looking for elk, at night the stars are incredible and give the whole place an even more magical remoteness.

Availability June - December 2021

Warwick Knight, Gloucestershire

Who knows where this idea came from? It's part caravan, part penthouse flat, part cabin in the woods and you can go on horse-drawn carriage rides after you've chatted to the resident pony. It's a bizarre and brilliant spot in a quiet country orchard.

Availability September & October 2021

Boat roofed cabin at bradmoor woods

Bradmoor Woods, Norfolk

You can imagine a parent patiently nodding as their child says, "and 30 of my friends can come, and there's loads of different things in the woods and some of them are triangles and two of them are boats, but one of the boats is a roof." That's Bradmoor Woods in a nutshell - the weirdest place ever to throw a party.

Availability September & October 2021 

Grebe's Nest, Essex

Another one from the "secret den" school of thought, with a cabin you can reach only by chain bridge or rowing boat. Once you've hauled yourself aboard, there's everything you need for a weekend of comfort and calm on the shores of a lake.  

Availability summer, late 2021 and 2022

The front of humble bee, shaped like a giant beehive

Humble Bee, Devon

If you ever looked at a beehive when you were little and wondered why you couldn't live in one yourself, then a) you should probably talk to someone about that and b) here's your chance at last. There's a bedroom on the top floor, a hot tub sunk into the deck and a stone bath outside too, for a magical few days indulging all those apiary fantasies.

Availability late 2021 and all 2022

An old stone windmill with bare wooden sails

Moinho da Fadagosa, Portugal

A massive nostalgia trip for anyone of the Emu/Grotbags generation (if you're not, don't look it up) this old, non-pink, stone windmill is in a stunning, remote part of Portugal where you can swim wild, live slow and explore the surrounding mountain villages.

Availability June to October 2021

The Big Green Bus, Sussex

An unusual glamping space that's as simple as the name suggests. It's a big green bus. The bedrooms with space for six are on the top deck, lounge and kitchen down below and there's a hot tub off in the woods to discovered as you wander the acres of peaceful countryside.

Availability winter 2021 and March - November 2022