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Art that brings the moors to you

Art can bring a landscape to life, communicating its feel in the play of brushstrokes, wood grain and veins in stone. Here we pick out five of our favourite artists, who capture the wonder of the moors.

Helen Peyton

The Yorkshire-based artist makes linocuts and prints that grab you with their texture and shape. A recent series celebrated the beauty of the night skies through silhouettes of both natural and man-made features of the Yorkshire Dales.

Anthony Garratt

The landscape and installation artist often takes his work out with him, painting in the wild to channel land and weather straight onto canvas. He draws inspiration from the sense of vulnerability humans can feel in nature and the equal vulnerability of the natural world.

Ben Russell

A rural Dorset upbringing gave Ben a love of the unusual forms of living things, especially fungi and roots. He works in various types of stone on compositions half abstract and half representational, that make you want to take a closer look at the tiny things growing around you.

Robin Paris

Not many artists have a woad vat, but Robin is one of them. The Bodmin-based artist captures his local wilderness in natural dyes alongside more contemporary printing techniques. The results are images that tell the story of the land, its light and music.

Cara Campbell

After taking the unusual career path from nightclub flier designer to Tuscan fresco school student, Cara Campbell never looked back. Her work uses the smooth surface of the lime plaster and its gentle absorption of the paint to give the flora she depicts a real, vibrant sense of growth.

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