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Natural connectivity - stop the doom scroll

We’re normally all for disconnecting. It’s part of what glamping holidays are all about - switching off, relaxing and forgetting the outside world. But sometimes it's impossible to get away, so we’ve been looking for some cool projects and tech that can help you feel connected to nature and communities, wherever you are.

Help find some Slow Ways

The people at Slow Ways are attempting to create a network of trails and nature walks that links all of Britain’s towns and cities and they need your help. If you’ve been exploring your local area on foot a bit more recently, why not get in touch and see if you can add to the map.

Join a virtual nature experiment

Exeter University Medical School are conducting a study to understand whether or not online experiences of nature can help people’s mental health as much as the real thing. Why not take part and see how you feel?

Stare out of a different window

If you’re getting a bit bored of your view, then try someone else’s. This selection of window webcams drops you straight into random rooms around the world, so you can take a global tour in your tea break.

Create your own soundscape

Maybe it’s not what you can see that’s bothering you, but what you can hear. Well don’t worry. You can access the BBC sound effect archives to create your own soothing nature sounds and feel like you’re actually outdoors.

Or hear some that nature made earlier

If your personal soundscape has ended up a bit more of a terrifying cacophony of bird calls than you were hoping for, then try tapping into the sounds of forest walks from around the world, courtesy of Timber Festival. You can close your eyes and wander the woods anywhere from Alberta to Agumbe.

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