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Relax with nature sounds

OK, so we know nature is good for us but did you know even just imagining you're in nature can boost your energy and mood? Researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School found that natural background sounds inspired more “external-focused attention” in the brain, guarding against depression and increasing concentration.

Whilst we're all stuck indoors we've put together a Spotify playlist filled with crackling campfires, calming birdsong and the sound of trees rustling in the wind. Close your eyes and fill your ears. We also asked a couple of members of the team for playlists fit for these times.

And a few from our team...

Justine is our Guest Experience Manager but also our resident DJ who’s rocked more than a few Bristol bars. She also recently helped form Femmes on Decks - a Female DJ crew empowering femmes to take over the decks. For this playlist she's put together a seamless blend of classics to fill your happy house.

Listen here

He calls it embarrassing, we call it eclectic. Chris is our resident wordsmith and fills his outdoor time with anything from Plaid to Kate Bush and songs from at least two Rocky films. Whilst we can't guarantee this will have you matching his marathon PB, it will at least make those morning runs a bit more motivating.

Listen here

Because there’s nothing like a bit of synthy kitsch to keep your spirits high when you’re stuck indoors. Claire works in our Marketing Team and is mainly looking forward to going to the pub when this is all over (followed by a Canopy & Stars break obviously!)

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