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Glamping in Kent

At the bottom of the country sits what’s known as the Garden of England. If you’ve only ever driven through on your way to France, you’ll have looked out the car window as Kent Downs AONB rushes past and begun to wonder – why didn’t I just come here? Kent appears to do all it can to remind you of the beauty of England before you leave, with its rolling hills, and miles of winding country roads. And now, it tempts us all even further with its ever-increasing vineyards – making use of the same chalky soils as the northern terroirs of France. So, stop short, ditch the car, the ferry, and go glamping in Kent – trust us, you’ll like what you find.

Recommended places in Kent

Why go glamping with Canopy & Stars?

When was the last time you checked out a glamping space? Was it when glamping just meant there was a place near a tent to charge your phone? Times have changed from when we first began in 2010. Today, you can stay somewhere all along the spectrum from rugged adventurer on a remote hilltop, to fairy-tale royalty on an English vineyard. Come check out glamping with us, go glamping your way, see the wild, breathe the fresh air, and help define what glamping means for us all.

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About glamping in Kent

Who we are Ever screamed at a phone robot, and howled at the sky for just one human operator? Us too. We like people, real people (sorry Hal), and so we employed a bunch of them and even gave them a slice of the company. We’re part family owned, part employee owned and the rest? It’s a charitable trust. We believe in people, and the wild they came from. Whether it’s our employees working conditions, their pay, our how we can work to improve environmental standards, we’re always trying to do better.

Why go glamping in Kent with Canopy & Stars? We’ve the audacity to ask you to stay with us, for good reason. Since 2010, we’ve been spotting yurts from the roadside, treehouses poking out from the canopy on walks, and bothies at the end of lengthy mountain hikes. Everywhere we went, we found more incredible places to stay, in areas so beautiful we had to visit. We’ve been doing this a while, trusting no one but ourselves to check what it’s like to be there, to sleep under the starscapes, wake up to the rolling mists tumbling down the valleys, or watch the sun set on days we’ll never forget. So, if anyone knows where to go – it’s us.

Is Kent really all that special? Now’s the time to ask. We wouldn’t recommend you ask the Kentish that question. But even if you were so inclined, you’d probably have your answer, as you looked around ‘The Garden of England’. The thickets of woodland, the undulating hills, the proud dover cliffs aside, Kent is known also as having one of the most important natural wetlands in northern Europe. Kent has the very best of what you can find in the UK, as well as areas you’d find nowhere else. So, is it special? Yes, and it happens to be about time you explored it.

What if I’m not sure about the place? Remember those good old fashioned real people I mentioned? When they’re not busy taking calls from our guests who had the time of their lives and phoned to add us to their will, they also answer your questions. Our Guest Experience Team are amazing, and when we measure customer experience, it’s measured with an NPS score. A score above 0 is good, above 20 favourable, above 50 excellent, and above 80 is world class. Our NPS score hasn’t fallen below 80 for 3 years. Give them a call.

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