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The future of glamping – wellness

Get wellness soon. Relaxation travel is not a trend.

With wellness blossoming into a multi-billion-pound industry, its impact on travel and the perfect synthesis it makes with glamping is impossible to ignore. Wellness is the most popular travel motivator in 2023, with 38% of British adults saying they’ll make space for relaxation and wellbeing this year, according to a recent YouGov poll. Unsurprisingly, with economic pressures increasing and mental health generally seen to be declining, there is no sign that this is a phase, and it appears that the relationship between wellness and travel will only grow stronger. The Global Wellness Institute says wellness tourism is expected to grow more than any other wellness sector, increasing almost a quarter and reaching $1.3 trillion in value by 2025.

While this relationship is another string to the glamping industry’s bow, it does mean a change for owners, as guests who might once have sought out fancy hotel facilities are now looking to glamping spaces for their downtime, but bringing expectations of the former to their demands of the latter. Our booking data clearly shows the popularity of features in the wellness sphere, such as saunas and hot tubs. In the past two years, 64% of all our new spaces have had some kind of outdoor bathing option, and this figure leaps to 85% when we consider only our highest performers. It’s further proof, corroborating our thoughts on what you should build in 2024, that sophistication is now the norm for glamping.

Capitalising on the wellness market isn’t only about facilities though. Guests are also searching for experiences, whether on site or nearby, that can contribute to the feeling of a restorative break. It’s important for owners to have a good awareness of what’s on their doorstep in terms of wild swimming, yoga or therapy sessions, and something as simple as a woodland walk. These are also important for marketing. Topics such as rewilding and outdoor bathing have consistently topped our content rankings this year and some of our furthest reaching social posts have had wellness aspects. This chimes perfectly with the idea of inspiring, not selling on social media, which we discussed in the examination of our audience. Create a place that gives people the relaxation they’re looking for, then show them how it will feel. Easier said than done, but a good formula for success.

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