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Our charitable trust


Our Charitable Trust supports organisations focused on the protection and preservation of the natural world and the improvement of travel's relationship with it. 

Why we set up our Charitable Trust

Our sister company Sawday’s has given a share of profits to various charities for the 25 years it’s been in business and Canopy & Stars has been proudly contributing to that since it was established in 2010. When founder Alastair Sawday decided to step away from running the company, he wanted to ensure that the social and environmental concern it had been built on was maintained and strengthened. He moved the business to a unique hybrid model of employee ownership. The Charitable Trust was established with a 24% stake in the company and a mission to pursue that same environmental and social agenda.

The Trust’s finances

The Trust’s 24% share of the company guarantees it a regular income which it can use to make a real, sustained difference to the causes it works with.

The Trust investments so far

We're keen to support organisations that generate a sense of urgency around the climate crisis. To do this we've invested in the Movement Fund, who support causes that fall outside of the normal funding objectives. These groups often struggle to get their messages across or achieve their aims through lack of resources, but our communities and our planet need them to keep working.

We're also supporting the Travel Foundation, who work with companies and governments to ensure that tourism is a benefit for communities and the environment.