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On the busiest weekend of the year, an estimated 15 million people will take to the roads in the UK. These layered images, created by artist Natacha de Mahieu, show how crowded some of our most popular destinations can become at peak times.

Overtourism is a complex problem, but we believe that a few simple, easy steps can make travel beneficial to you, the community you visit and the environment. Here are our tips on how to travel better this summer, as well as a bit more on our commitment to tackling overtourism.

5 ways to travel better this summer

1. Mind how you go

Ditching the car means no stress or parking for you, and less pollution and crowding for the place you go.

2. Make new tracks

Doing a little digging and finding a new destination spreads the benefits of tourism and leads you to exciting discoveries.

3. Tread lightly

Tourism can be great for places when it’s done with respect. The best guide to follow is the Countryside Code.

4. Say hi

Engaging with the local community will lead you to the best shops, hidden beaches, specialty food and lots more.

5. Pack light

The less you carry, the less you leave behind. Go refillable and reusable where you can, think about what you really need.

Our overtourism policy

In 2021 we launched our overtourism policy, as part of our commitment to protecting our wild spaces. We capped the number of places we worked with in overpopulated tourist destinations to limit the impact on infrastructure and the environment created by our business. You can read the full policy here.

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