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Feel wild | Rivers & Lakes

Rivers and lakes are gathering points where all life meets, from bats flitting over the water, to deer sipping from the banks and the occasional human, splashing and whooping as the cold hits them. Here are some great places to sit by (or jump into) the water and some stories, suggestions and even science to give you a refreshing dip right now.

Five waterfall walks we love

Some lovely hikes past rushing water, from the famous torrents of Aira Force and High Force in the North, to a dip in the little-known pools of a Devon river.

Washing away stress

Lucy Jones, author of Losing Eden, looks (sorry, listens) into why the sound of water is so good for our mental health and how important it is that we do as much for the wellbeing of our waterways as they do for ours.

Miranda Gardiner's Zanzibar Fish Soup

Food writer (and Canopy & Stars place owner) Miranda Gardiner gives us a recipe for a locally sourced Zanzibar fish soup

The longest ride

Every year, the River Severn suddenly fills up with surfers, as a quirk of the tides sends a 6ft wave surging twenty miles upstream. We dive into the chaos of bore surfing and meet someone who goes back every year to ride the river.

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