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30 things to do before you’re 30

Weirdly, we couldn’t find anyone in the office over 30. Our HR stats don’t quite line up with that, however. If you want a great list of things to do before you’re 30 though – our office is an amazing place to ask around. We’re wall to wall with travellers, people who’ve hiked mountain ranges, wild camped and spent nights under the stars. So, we asked around, and found a list of 30 things to do before you hit 30 (and then never grow older than that).

1. Your first mountain climb

There are 35,178 named mountains in the UK, so it’s not like you have to be picky. The classification of a mountain over a hill, is being over 300 metres – which actually isn’t that big – for scale, Everest is 8,849 metres.

With stunning views over the Helvellyn range, easy local transport, and magnificent wanders in easy reach, head to Helvellyn Hut.

2. Explore Norfolk by paddleboard

With more than 125 miles of navigable waterways and 90 miles of coastline, Norfolk’s the perfect place to explore whilst SUP-ing.

Head to Fleet Lane Studio for easy access to the broads.

3. Your first outdoor bath

It’s somehow so, so, much better than an indoor bath, but a little tricky to explain exactly why. So, I guess you’ll just have to find out.

Usually, it’s two people to a bath, not a bath made for two – like you’ll find at Pomeroy Treehouse.

Outdoor bath on decking

4. Your first plunge pool after a hot tub dip/Sauna session

From hot to cold, and back again, the plunge pool’s a traditional Finnish delight, that is if you’ve the stomach for it. Not one for the faint of heart!

There’s no better spot than Box Barn, with an eight-seater hot tub and plunge barrel to hop out of and back into.

5. Do the NC500

Over 500 miles of incredible Scottish coastline, all ready to be explored and adventured. If you’re the physically fit or environmentally conscious kind, there’s the option to cycle it too!

Stay up the coast from Inverness, the starting point of the NC500 – just outside the Culbin Forest, at Culbin Edge.

6. Walk the South West Coast Path

Even longer than the NC500, the SWCP is 630 miles of rugged, stunning coastline. It’s not like you have to do the whole thing, but even if you do just a bit, you’ll be tempted to give it all a go.

Set on a patch of the coast where the SWCP can’t cross, you’ve the option to head east or west from Rook’s Nest.

Rook's Nest View

7. Visit the Isles of Scilly

The only place you’re going to find weather like this anywhere technically in England – go for the subtropical climate and aquamarine waters, stay for the vineyard, the fresh fish, great eateries and ample history.

Take a day trip out to Scilly, whilst you stay at The Roundhouse – just a 13-minute drive to Penzance harbour for the boat trip over.

8. Cook on a fire tripod

Everyone’s toasted a marshmallow by now – kick it up a gear and release your inner Francis Mallmann. You can use grills, kettles, Dutch ovens and skillets – the opportunities for smoky delights are endless.

The Carn has a firebowl and tripod, you’re good to go – but even better, there’s a regular gas hob and oven indoors just in case it all goes wrong…

9. Make your own gin

By 30, you’ve certainly taken part in at least one part of the gin life cycle, somewhat towards the latter end in the drinking stage – but have you ever crafted this magical drink yourself? Time to become a connoisseur.

Head to gin school on the Torrisdale Estate, at Shepherd’s Bothy.

Make your own Gin experience

10. Do a wine tasting on a vineyard

Wine tastings are always amazing. Just be aware, the vines are tied onto the posts, so if it looks like the vines are swaying, it’s probably time for a glass of water.

Stay right amongst the action at The Grain Silo, and clink glasses in the hot tub

11. Go foraging

We can’t believe we still have to ask you to try this. Come on now, you’re almost 30. Just once, head out, grab some ingredients that are still fresh and alive – and see the difference.

Head to The Coombe at Penhein to forage to your heart’s content, and learn the skills needed to find your elusive ingredients.

12. Build something

This cannot be architecture made from your recycling. The can pyramid doesn’t count. Go ahead and seek out some new experiences, find somewhere you can go learn a new skill. Yeah, you’ll fail a few times. Then, you’ll get it right, and feel even better.

With woodworking courses onsite, Humboldt’s the place to learn a new skill to last a lifetime.

13. Have a spa weekend

Look us right in the eye and tell us you don’t want a spa weekend. We thought not. It’s time you indulged in a little guilt-free self-care. Go on, you deserve it.

Sauna, swimming pond, gong baths, meadow massages, forest bathing workshops? The itinerary at Hay Barn is looking amazing.

Hay Barn wild sauna

14. Get a body of water all to yourself

Sometimes, it’s lovely hearing the happy cries of kids and merry revelry of other people at the beach. Sometimes, it sucks. Just this once, get a stretch of water all to yourself to mess about on.

If you’re not busy using the pizza oven, or going on alpaca walks, tootle about on the private lochan or laze on the jetty at Tiny Home Borders.

15. Go away on your own

It’s hard enough eating out by yourself, but if you never go, you’ll never know. Sure, you could try it in Europe, or, you could try it a little closer to home and worst comes to worst, you’re only in Shropshire or something.

Speaking of Shropshire… Clonnagapple’s got a Hikki hot tub that has your name written all over it. And no one else’s.

16. Take a group trip

No, we’re not talking about Ibiza. We’re talking about long nights under the stars, with laughter into the early hours, we’re talking clinking glasses in the hot tub, and endless chats amongst the trees.

Putting the ‘Oooh’ in group spaces, Oolert’s the spot for up to seven of you to lounge about, getting in some decent quality time.

17. Go see a waterfall

Humans love waterfalls. It’s weird, but, we do. And before you turn 30, you should go see some more. If nothing else, just to lord it over other people.

There are quite a few spots we have that have ‘waterfall walks’ nearby, but what about the one on your doorstep at the aptly named, Falling Water?

18. Stay somewhere weird

Weird is wonderful, and you’re hard pressed to find a ‘normal’ treehouse, bothy, yurt, cabin or so on – given that it’s a much more fairytale kind of holiday, than the modest hotel. But just this once, stay somewhere a little wilder than usual.

Go see what all the buzz is about – at Humble Bee.

Honeyside Down cabin

19. Watch a film in a forest

Film night’s always one of the best night’s in. But why not do a night in, out? Watching your favourite film whilst the birds chirp and the sun beams through the canopy, is an experience you didn’t know you needed.

Head out to Walden to see the silver screen go… green.

20. Stay off grid

Maybe you’ve been putting this one off for a while, afraid you’ll miss something on your socials that you couldn’t possibly go without. Trust us, you won’t miss it. For a weekend at least.

Stay just a quick walk from the water up in The Lake District at Cottage in the Clouds.

21. Stay in the mountains

There are moments in every workday that everyone thinks about leaving it all behind, escaping to the hills and the mountains and never coming back down again. Then we remember small plates, G&Ts, spas, iced coffees and whatnot. But, it’s still worth spending that weekend somewhere lofty.

Right in the heart of the Lake District Fells, you can’t get more easy access to lofty peaks and hillside climbs than at Hog House.

22. Go skinny dipping

That awkward little naked waddle you do from outdoor bath to the indoors doesn’t count. At least once, you’ve gotta go au natural and take to the water in your birthday bathing suit. Just, make sure you’re allowed to first.

Just a 150m walk down the road from Sandy Toes Beach House, you’ll find Shellness Beach, an official nudist beach – just be aware it’s next to a bird reserve, so. There are binoculars about.

23. Cook on the beach

You know that ravenous feeling you get after swimming? Why wait until you’ve left the beach? It’s not legal to cook everywhere, so be sure to check – but cooking on the beach is an unmissable experience. Just follow the rules.

Top spot to cook? Hive Beach House is actually on, the beach. And has a Green Egg BBQ to use – so you don’t need to check if you can BBQ on the beach.

Group around a fire pit on the beach

24. Wild camp

Scotland’s the easiest for wild camping, due to its right to roam laws – but you can wild camp in England too. It can just be a little harder to find the spots to do it, and quite often they have some stipulations.

We can’t help you with this one. We do glamping, but it’s still well worth doing at least the once.

25. Do some proper stargazing

Life inside a city is full of delights, a starry night sky, is not often one of them. It can be pretty overwhelming just seeing the sky in the countryside, let alone in one of the Dark Sky Status sites you can find dotted around.

The place to ponder the unfathomable size of the universe? None other than the incredible Bracken Hut, in Northumberland.

26. Do a creative retreat

Whether you paint, draw, write, make music, throw clay or whatever it is your artistic expression is – take some time to finally squirrel away a weekend to devote to it. Get mindful and focus on the work.

With 100 acres of sculpture park and art gallery to explore (you’re able to view it privately after hours too), and once a space for artists in residence – The Artist’s House is the perfect spot for a creative retreat.

27. Go forest bathing

We’re not talking about a quick jaunt through the woodland, we’re talking about can’t see the wood for the trees kind of woodland.

Go stay in Ukai – with 300 surrounding acres, much of which woodland, go wander under the canopy and get the full effect of enshrouding yourself in trees.

Ukai cabin surrounded by trees

28. Give back

Your twenties are definitely about being selfish, but, that being said, maybe counterbalance it a bit with some giving back. This could be anything from your local area to much further afield, but giving back feels good.

Visit somewhere where giving back’s all part of a day’s stay, at Dumbledore Treehouse.

29. Go visit the animals

Have you ever, actually met farmyard animals? One in eight, or 12% of 18–24-year-olds have never seen a cow. So, if you are one of these individuals, perhaps it's time to set up a meet.

Why not try your hand at a little sheepherding at Wossnem?

30. See the Northern Lights

Now, is it easier to see the Northern Lights in Scandinavia? Yes, very much so. But, it is still very possible to see them in Scotland and even the northernmost parts of England. There’s nothing to say other than they’re as indescribable as you’d imagine.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee of seeing them, but if there’s anywhere you might, it’s at Shepherd’s Bothy.