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Which wine to pair with your next adventure

Glamping and wine go hand in hand like charcuterie and cheese. It's a match made in heaven. In fact, so much so, that many of our glamping spaces are in fact on vineyards, or at least near them. But like every good drinker, we take our fine wines on recommendation, and if you've ever been in need of a good bottle in Brighton, there's every chance you've been directed to Butler's Wine Cellar.  Trading for over 40 years, and supplying many of Brighton's best pubs and bars, Butler's can claim the title of Brighton's Oldest Independent Wine Retailer. Now at the helm, Henry Butler runs the shop with his other half, Cassie Gould. When they're not pushing their business ever forward in sustainability, or working on charity causes, they're at the shop - suggesting wines to blow your mind. We asked them for a few pairings with adventures you might have with Canopy & Stars, and they didn't disappoint...

A celebratory stay at a treehouse

Ridgeview Late-disgorged Oak Reserve NV (Sussex, England) - £77.95

This is a very special wine, made by one of the pioneering English sparkling wine producers, Ridgeview Estate. The Roberts family, who make this wine, are great people -- and fun to hang out with. They have also played a major part in putting English sparkling wines on the map, for almost 30 years. 

This wine screams out luxury treat. It is made in very small quantities and takes a lot of time and passion to make. I love the synergy of drinking a wine fermented in oak, with a label made from cherry trees, while sitting high up on a wooden structure, surrounded by beautiful trees! 

This is a full body, opulent sparkling wine, which maintains an elegance and a crisp finish -- so drinkable. 

Drink at: The Buzzardry in Sussex. A treehouse with a deep copper bathtub.

A cosy cabin escape in the woods

Pursued by Bear, Bear Cub 2019 (Oregon, USA) - £41.95

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise, a cosy cabin in the woods awaits you. And a bottle of Bear Cub wine, it's like a bear hug in a glass. This is a top-quality Bordeaux blend made by actor and top winemaker, Kyle MacLachlan, in Oregon.

If you're going on a bear hunt, look no further than this. Ideal for a weekend of hibernation, perfect with anything charred on the BBQ or with a nice cheese board.

Drink at: Scandi Cabin in Herefordshire. A deep copper bathtub, hot tub on deck and sauna on hand.

An off-grid mountain hideaway

Blank Bottle Smaug the Magnificent 2021 (South Africa) - £29.95

If you're heading off grid to a mountain hideaway, be sure to pack a bottle of Smaug the Magnificent. This wine is for adventurous drinkers, it's a funky white Rhone blend from South Africa made by legendary winemaker Pieter Walser. Made in limited amounts, it is as rare as Smaug and has been made and aged in the foothills of mountains, not unlike Smaug's lair. They are both powerful and magnificent. The wine is complex and slowly unfurls, tangerine, lemon butter, with a savoury and fuller tropical palate with a long-spiced finish.

The label was designed by the winemaker's son Luca when he was 5 years old, and he earns pocket money from each bottle sold.

An absolute treasure of a wine.

Drink at: Helvellyn Hut. Look out on mountain views from the Japanese spa bath.

A meadow picnic

Botanica 'Big Flower’ Merlot 2021 (South Africa) - £21.95

Wine maker Ginny Povall came and hosted a tasting at our shop recently, she is a triple threat – she makes great wine, grows amazing plants in South Africa, and loves cats.

Ginny’s farm is all about sustainability, and putting life back into the soil, and by doing this she captures carbon dioxide, which of course helps the planet!

This Merlot, which has been aged in oak for about a year, is a versatile wine. It has a deft touch and freshness, making it drinkable on its own while lounging in nature. If you get peckish, don’t worry, fire up the BBQ as it also has enough structure to match something rich cooked on the coals.

*Additional information – if I had a wrestling name it would be Big Flower.

Drink at: Helvellyn Hut. Look out on mountain views from the Japanese spa bath.

The finest wine for an outdoor bath/hot tub

Edouard Brun Vintage Champagne (France) - £57.95

Let's get fizzical, or maybe just enjoy some bubbly in the bubbles of your outdoor hot tub or bath. Nothing says luxury like a bottle of vintage Champagne and the 2012 from Edouard Brun is pure decadence. This is from a small family producer with premier and Grand Cru vineyards. They make a small amount of each vintage wine, they’re literally like gold dust. This Champagne is rich, toasty, powerful and delicious! In the words of Dom Perignon, ‘Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.’ I recommend you pop the cork, immerse yourself in hot bubbles under the stars, this is what they would taste like.

Drink at: Hideout treehouse. Complete with hot tub, AND a bath that moves indoors and outdoors, where better?

A wine for each stage of the evening at a group getaway

Pre-dinner - Magnum Adami Prosecco (Italy) - £47.50

Dinner - Wild Boy (California, USA) - £33.50

That bit whilst you wait for dessert - Duckman Baga Duck Jaoa Pato (Portugal) - £23.50

Debauchery & Board games after dinner - Monte Bernardi Fiasco! Vino Toscano NV 1 Litre (Italy) - £21.99

Nothing beats a group getaway with friends, and there'll always be a night staying in, filled with debauchery. We suggest starting your evening off with a bang, a magnum of Adami Prosecco will get the gang up and running. This is a quality Prosecco from a top producer. Crack on with dinner and a bottle of Wild Boy Chardonnay, one of our favourites. Full of buttery, popcorn and nutty notes, ideal with roast chicken or seafood and perfect for a wild night in.

While you're waiting for dessert grab a glass of Duckman Baga Duck, funky label, funky wine. Bright, crunchy red fruits made completely naturally; you'll go quackers for this! Post dinner, get out the board games and prepare for mayhem, perfectly paired with a 1 litre bottle of Fiasco. This is the winemaker's take on a Chianti, made with organic fruit, it's full of juicy red berries and spice. Then time for drinking games, you've got to be in it to win it!

Drink at: Box Barn. With room for 15, you've plenty people to share a bottle with on starry evenings by the firepit.

If you're in the neighbourhood in Brighton, pop into Butler's Wine Cellar find something recommended to your every need -- or just hop on the online shop! But if you're in need of some win inspiration, want to learn a little more about wine or even just a good cheering up -- have a listen to the podcast, or head to the socials!

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