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Get your child back to the wild

Get den building

Most children love getting their hands grubby, and den building is just one simple activity that could keep your little ones busy for hours. It’s something you can do on a walk, in the woods or even just in the garden. Start by hunting around for a collection of large logs, sticks and leaves to help kick start the den building. Then, if you and your brood fancy, add in some sheets and blankets to your set up and if the weather’s good, have a mini camp out in the garden!

Introduce outdoor games

Peel the kids away from the TV and get them outdoors with some great outdoor games. These aren’t just fun, but encourage mental stimulation and creative imagination. Eagle Eyes is a great variation on hide and seek and so simple to play. We’ve snatched these rules from our friends over at The Wild Network:

  1. One person is the eagle, who stays at the base and everyone else are the rabbits. They have to make it out of hiding and get as close as possible to the nest without being seen by the eagle.

  2. To begin, the eagle shouts, ‘Eagle eyes are closing for 30 seconds". The mice go and hide. Then the eagle shouts, “Eagle eyes are opening” and then scans the park for the rabbits. If the eagle can see rabbits they are out and must return to the nest. When the eagle closes its eyes again, the rabbits must move, looking for the next ‘safe’ spot.

  3. The eagle wins if it catches all the rabbits before they make it to the nest. The rabbits who make it to the nest without being spotted win.

Make walking fun again!

To some children, the idea of walking can resonate in a series of grunts and moans. So, why not make it fun? We love this idea from The Wild Network - on your walk, ask your child to collect a big stick and encourage them to keep it as a way of recording their summer. On walks, collect little bits like flowers, leaves, feathers and attach them to the stick as a memory. Keep collecting over the months and at the end of summer, your stick will have a story to tell!

Take meal times outside

When the sun’s shining, why not spend most of your days outside? Preparing a picnic for the garden or heading out to dine in the nearest meadow can feel like a real micro adventure in itself. In the evening, setting off for the beach and sitting outside for a barbecue is another great way to get outdoors and best yet, it will create long lasting summer memories for all the family.

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