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Our wildest dreams - where the team are dreaming of visiting

Everyone here at Canopy & Stars loves to travel – as you might’ve guessed. We’re also lucky enough to go out ‘on the road’ as we call it, inspecting places, new and old, taking photo tours, learning about new locations, or guiding our owners on how to make the most of their space – especially on how they can push to be more environmentally sound. But the U.K and Europe is… well, it’s big. We went around the company to ask our colleagues, where next? And why? So you can go ahead, and beat us to it.

Craig Neilson, Digital team, is planning a trip to Hereford:

“I’m dreaming of a cabin in the middle of nowhere, Herefordshire maybe, just myself, my partner, a bottle of gin, a blanket and a clear starry night. Social Distancing is manageable, but I miss the great outdoors!”

Stay at Brook House Hobbit Hut. This hand-crafted hut envelops you in nature and, befitting the luxuries of hobbit life, it doesn’t skimp on comforts either!

Jennie Wilkinson, Owners team, is dreaming of a Cornish beach:

“I am just dreaming of being back in Cornwall - on The Lizard, on my favourite beach, eating my favourite ice cream with the wind in my hair and the fresh sea air!”

Stay at Halzephron Cabin; A calm, clifftop bolthole full of modern comforts, with its own secret garden - peek through the window for views down to the sea!

Ruth McMenamin, Marketing team, will be taking a trip to Northumberland:

“I am really looking forward to heading up to Northumberland. Growing up in the North East I took the beauty of the region for granted. Looking back, I now have so much nostalgia for heading to the untouched coastline, getting fish and chips and making the exciting crossing across the causeway to Holy Island which felt like a huge adventure. My parents are in their 70s and are in lockdown in that region so I’m looking forward to going up and having some of those summer childhood memories with them when all of this is over.”

Stay at Alnmouth Huts; three huts designed by award-winning architects, built by a local artist and perfect for exploring the spectacular Northumberland coast.

Tessa Holmes, Sustainability & Impact Manager, will be getting together with family in the Lake District:

“I am dreaming of The Lake District. I have a big draw to go and see my family up there and set off on some mammoth mountain hikes and have lots of time to catch up and talk about how we all survived the most extraordinary time in our lives. Touch back down with nature and see how it's flourished without us around to get in the way. Maybe even start my challenge to complete all of Wainwright's walks in the Lake District which I said I'd always like to do.”

Stay at The Lodge; a picture-perfect lonely spot on the wooded banks of the river Eamont.

Hattie Clarke, Owners team, is planning a Scottish road-trip:

“My travel dream when this over is to road trip up to the Cairngorms National Park and do a mountain bothy and wild swimming tour - and a lot of hiking in between!”

Stay at The Bothy Project; a simple, peaceful bolthole with miles of mountains to explore from the doorstep.

David West, Marketing team, will be off to Andalucia in Spain:

"I was just about to book a stay at Alora Yurts in Spain before this all happened. Is it weird, that post-lockdown, the thing I'm looking forward to is doing nothing (just next to a pool in the sun)?"

Stay at The Snug; an authentic Mongolian yurt nestled in the Spanish countryside. Have breakfast in bed and order a picnic hamper to take out into the hills.

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