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Our favourite luxury treehouses in the UK

When you step into a luxury treehouse in the UK, your first thought is probably going to be something like, “how did they get all this up here?”. There are massive beds, balcony baths, leather sofas and deep armchairs, all sitting high and beautiful in the treetops. Then there‘s the true luxury, being surrounded by nature’s gently swaying beauty. The two combine to make a luxury treehouse in the UK the sort of place that wraps you in indulgent comfort and warm nostalgia. Our collection is full of only the best, all personally inspected by us, so you know you’ll be living the high life in every sense.

1. Cheriton Treehouse, Somerset

A few days surrounded by the cool curves of this multi-pod treehouse will make the rest of your life feel sharp and angular. The walls, the shelves, the bath, even the windows are gently rounded, giving the whole place a softness that will feed into your muscles and work all the tension out of them. The craftmanship is superb and the efffectct incredible, but that’s not the only reason this is one of our favourite luxury treehouses in the UK. We also love the fact that there‘s only one house, the owners’, in sight. Other than that, it’s you and huge green views all around.

2. Netherby Treehouse, Cumbria

Yes! It’s got a walkway thingy. Haven’t you wanted to stay in a place like this ever since you saw... (choose based on your age) The Swiss Family Robinson, any of the various Robin Hoods, Return of the Jedi? Well, we can’t promise ostrich rides, swordfights or Ewoks, but we can deliver on that childhood craving to climb up and pad across the boards to a home above ground. Once up, you’ll be surrounded by the natural tones of a luxury treehouse in the UK that wears its trappings lightly. Hop back to ground level for nights in the hot tub or round the firebowl.

3. Drovers’ Bough, Herefordshire

Wild swimming! Canoeing on the Wye! Heading out to the Michelin-starred... pfff. That all sounds like way too much hard work. Why not live the way Drover’s Bough was built for? Idling in the splendour of two storeys of luxury treehouse, blowing gently from bath, to bed to balcony like a leaf in the wind. There’s a good farm shop a few miles away, so stock up on stuff and shut yourselves away for a few days of the sort of wandering pleasure that makes a simple weekend a genuinely special occasion.

4. The Rook’s View, Herefordshire

Owners Heather and Dale won this land in an auction in a pub. Now that they’ve created Rook’s View, you get to have your own feeling of victory and share in the joy that comes from simply being here. There are rambles in the woods and great pubs to lure you out, with the romance of the curtained outdoor bath to draw you back in. A complete absence of wifi or mobile signal means you should get ready to switch off, but it feels like another life triumph when you realise you haven’t checked your phone or even the time all day, flowing instead with nature’s rhythm.

5. Treetops Treehouse, Devon

This isn’t just fun weekend material, it’s big occasion stuff. We’re talking milestones birthdays, proposals, honeymoons. It’s that level of coolness, with multi levels, a gorgeous bed and that stupidly nice bath. There’s even a secret cubbyhole on the deck to discover. And the best thing is you don’t even have to drive. A train into Eggesford puts you 250m from this incredible example of a luxury treehouse in the UK, but after the walk to it, you disappear into your own wonderful world, where you’ll definitely feel like you’ve done justice to whatever you’re celebrating.

Treehouses with Canopy & Stars

Who we are

Canopy & Stars are a small, independent travel company specialising in unique places to stay in nature. We champion sustainability and aim to make a positive impact on the world with all our choices. We love to connect people with nature and the world around them and we do, of course, love treehouses in Cornwall.

Why book with Canopy & Stars

Canopy & Stars are a small team of people passionate about nature and authentic experiences. We love working with owners who have put their heart and soul in a place. We inspect every single one, firstly to make sure that all our treehouses in Cornwall are truly special and secondly to be able to match you with the perfect place.

How we inspect all our places

A member of the Canopy & Stars team visits each and every treehouse in Cornwall and stays overnight if possible. We look for memorable experiences curated by owners that share our ethos and beautiful spaces in nature. We check the basics – comfort and quality – but we also look for the character and magic that great travel memories are made of.