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Our favourite treehouses with hot tubs

Listening to the swaying of the trees and the song of the birds as the steam drifts up and the hot water soaks your tired limbs is one of the most blissful feelings you’ll ever know. So, when you see a treehouse with a hot tub, get yourself up there, you won’t regret it. Every place in our collection of treehouses with hot tubs has been personally inspected by our team, making sure that you’ll be carried up and off into another world.

1. The Den Treehouse at Pickwell Manor, Devon

There are your meditative, four-hours of firewood treehouse hot tubs, then there are your flick-of-a-switch, jump in and feel the bubbles treehouse hot tubs. This is definitely the latter, but to all those who say that it’s the effort of heating the water that makes hot tubs great, we say, “sorry, I can’t hear you over the fizzing of the jacuzzi.” The thing is, the hot tub is only one of the cool things at The Den, which also has an indoor/outdoor breakfast bar, a massive wraparound deck and is set on an estate where you can do everything from animal tours to croquet.

2. Cuckoo’s Hideaway, Ceredigion

Another fabulous treehouse where the hot tub is the shiniest jewel in a dazzling crown. This multi-storey creation, hand built by the owners themselves, has two balconies, a reading nook and a pizza oven, as well as the stylish feel of a loft apartment that’s settled in the trees like a... bird with a very familiar call. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a dull bit of Wales between Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire either. You can go dolphin spotting from New Quay, eat very well indeed in Aberaeron, or explore the Devil’s Bridge Waterfalls before coming back for your well-earnt tub time.

3. Lime Treehouse, Worcestershire

Are you a hot tub hogger? Then this is the treehouse you need. You can spread yourself out in the foaming water and relax, kicking any other hot tub wanna-bathes into the roll-top bath indoors. Ok, you don’t need to be that mean, there’s plenty of space for everyone out on the deck. The swinging chair hanging under the treehouse is a one-person affair, unless you get creative, but there’s definite entangling space on the big leather sofa by the wood burner. And the bed? Well, you’ll have trouble finding each other among the cushions, but get an incredible view to look out on while you search.

4. Panford Beck Treehouse, Norfolk

One for the woodsmoke haired, ash-fingered purists, with a good ol’ fashioned (although very swish and new) log-fired hot tub. There’s an outdoor firepit too, so you’ll go through a bit of wood, but every spark and crackle will be another whispered reminder that you’re at peace in the Norfolk countryside. Up in the treehouse, there’s a bath and a proper oven, but why would you not embrace the slow life of natural warmth and simple cooking? It’ll set you up for the gentle feel of Norfolk generally, which is a place to wander rather than dash, from the coast to The Broads to the lofty retreat of your treehouse.

5. Chui Treehouse, Cornwall

Glass, water and wood. Chui Treehouse wraps you in beauty and nature. Huge windows mean the views follow you around every inch of the space, from the bed to the kitchen to the hot tub off at the top of the slope. The owners have brought a little of their years in Tanzania back to Cornwall, so while there’s a safari lodge feel that’ll have you keeping an eye out for elephants, you’ll have to make do with the deer, badgers and foxes that forage and roam beneath you. On the plus side though, there’s nothing that might eat you when you make the 45-minute walk through the woods to the pub.

6. Netherby Treehouse, Cumbria

Yeah, the long walkway thing is cool. We don’t know why, it just is. You can take some cushions down and just lie there, in the trees, after padding barefoot across the boards. It makes you feel part millionaire, part Robin Hood and all fabulous. The rest of Netherby Treehouse does little to dispel any of that, even adding a dash of Roman to it, as you can sit in the steam of the hot tub and plan some hopefully less doomed expeditions over the Scottish border. Strigils optional. Closer to home there are loops around the River Esk to get you out into nature or, with a bit of patience, you can take to that walkway lookout and watch the deer wander by below.

7. Loft Treehouse at Pickwell Manor, Devon

Some treehouse builders are content to leave their hot tubs at ground level, but not the guys at Pickwell. They took one look at the great big tree that was perfect for a supporting a little extra platform and thought, “that’s where the hot tub goes.” So now you get to soak in the fruits of their creative tree, looking across at the curved coolness of the main space, which is actually no less impressive than a hot tub in a tree. Did we mention that it’s pretty close to the beach? Did we also mention that it’s got really cool pigs to meet? Well now you know, so enjoy your stay.

Treehouses with Canopy & Stars

Who we are

Canopy & Stars are a small, independent travel company specialising in unique places to stay in nature. We champion sustainability and aim to make a positive impact on the world with all our choices. We love to connect people with nature and the world around them and we do, of course, love treehouses with hot tubs.

Why book with Canopy & Stars

Canopy & Stars are a small team of people passionate about nature and authentic experiences. We love working with owners who have put their heart and soul in a place. We inspect every single one, firstly to make sure that all our treehouses with hot tubs are truly special and secondly to be able to match you with the perfect place.

How we inspect all our places

A member of the Canopy & Stars team visits each and every treehouse with hot tubs and stays overnight if possible. We look for memorable experiences curated by owners that share our ethos and beautiful spaces in nature. We check the basics – comfort and quality – but we also look for the character and magic that great travel memories are made of.