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Lakeside cabins

Lakes and cabins go hand in hand like drums and bass, rest and relaxation or Jeff Goldblum and charm. They are the perfect combination to enjoy a little downtime, and moreover – it’s pretty hard to not think of one without the other when daydreaming about them. Our lakeside cabins are all over, from the Scottish Borders to the Cornish peninsula, but no matter where they are, the standard is the same – we inspect every space we have in the collection so you… can too.

Featured lakeside cabins

The Lodge

The Lodge

From £315 p/n
Furnace Brook Lodge
East Sussex

Furnace Brook Lodge

From £99 p/n
The Lake

The Lake

From £135 p/n
Buck's Coppice

Buck's Coppice

From £180 p/n
Curlews Cabin

Curlews Cabin

From £115 p/n

Why book a lakeside cabin with C&S?

When we keep an eye out for new spaces, we’re looking for more than a place to stay, we’re looking for a place that you’ll remember forever. As amazing as a location can be, it’s pretty hard to appreciate when you’re beginning and finishing the day somewhere a bit glum. We visit all of our spaces, and inspect them for character, creativity, a connection to nature, and something that can be hardly described – a sense of special. We’re looking for somewhere we ourselves would stay, and somewhere we know, you’ll love.

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About lakeside cabins

Why by a lake? There may only be one thing better than a cabin, and that’s a cabin by a lake. If you asked our guests if they thought their morning wild swim before breakfast improved their experience or if they regretted drifting about in a boat all afternoon in the sunshine – we’d bet good money what the answer would be. Why by a lake? We reckon you already know the answer.

Who are you guys? Believe it or not, we’re 12 years old. We know, practically decrepit. And all this time, we’ve been travelling to the farms down the road, the estates in AONBs, and the secluded cabins in the most remote edges of the country, in search of special places to stay. We’ve been around a bit, and we’ve saved the best ones just for you. We’re part family, part trust, and part employee owned, and on a mission to find the best glamps in the land.

Yeah, but why book with you? Ever been a little anxious that a space looks perfect, but you’re not sure? You’re not alone. Get rid of those pre-booking shakes and speak to one of our Guest Experience Team. When looking at customer satisfaction, we look at NPS scores. ?A score above 0 is good, above 20 favourable, above 50 excellent, and above 80 is world class. Our NPS score hasn’t fallen below 80 for 3 years.?

A lakeside cabin?! In this economy? Sounds outrageous, doesn’t it? When it comes to staying with Canopy & Stars, there’s a good chance you won’t spend money whilst you’re away. Sure, there might be a meal out, perhaps a quick trip out for supplies or the odd bottle of wine – but most of what you’ll be doing is free (as all the best things are). Sitting on the porch watching a mirror-image sunset on the water, a steamy outdoor shower in the morning light, or finally hiking to the top of a mountain – you name it, it comes gratis.

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