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We say cabin, you think log cabin. There’s no getting around the little-house-on-the-prairie image of a building poking out from between the trees, as woodsmoke billows skyward and some strapping bloke splits logs out front. You imagine a veranda with a rocking chair, and sipping homemade lemonade, despite never having made it yourself. It might be a new urge, brought on by a never-ending social feed of influencers living the country life in some remote location, or a long-held childhood fantasy to go and stay in one. Either way, we’ve got you. Here’s our favourite log cabins.

Featured log cabins

Five Trees in Somerset

Five Trees in Somerset

From £135 p/n


From £115 p/n
The River Lodge

The River Lodge

From £185 p/n


From £180 p/n

Why book a log cabin holiday with C&S?

To get a log cabin right is no trivial pursuit, and to perfect them takes incredible skill. We’ve seen our fair share of cabins, of all shapes and sizes, but especially log cabins – so we know what we’re looking for. Every new log cabin that wants to join us faces the same rigorous selection process. We go to visit, check the seams, the beds, the views, the hot tubs, wood burners and the snugness of the sofas, and if it’s not perfect, we won’t share it with you.

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About log cabin holidays with Canopy & Stars

What’s it like to stay in a log cabin? We’d hate to use the phrase, dream come true, but it’s really quite special. Maybe you’ve already thought about afternoons on the veranda watching the world drift by, the wind in the trees, the wildlife scurrying about. But did you think about waking up to the rich smell of pine? Cuddling up in a blanket by the fire? How about cooking on a skillet after a day’s exploration? Come find out the real definition of ‘cosy’ at one of our log cabins.

About Canopy & Stars We’ve been at this since 2010, and that’s a heck of a long time to be exploring treehouses, cabins, bothies, yurts, wagons and more. By now, you’d think we might just have seen it all – and yet, we’re still surprised by amazing new spaces every day. What we have learned, however, is how to find the unmissable, the incredible, the unforgettable and the all-round special-beyond-belief. If you want to stay in the wild, we’re the people to ask.

Sustainability & Glamping Everything starts with its impact at Canopy & Stars -- that's why we came up with our impact report. There's no getting around the fact that travel has a carbon footprint, but imagining a world without travel is potentially even worse. That's why we've pledged to become net zero by 2030, as well as capping our destinations in certain areas. By changing the way travel works, leading by example and promoting better values, we're hoping to inspire our industry to do the same.

How do I know where to go? Interesting question, we’re glad you asked. There’s a bunch of ways to start looking. You can find a place by region, or by space type, you can even filter for whether it has certain features, like hot tubs, saunas, and more. From there, you can see a few shots, check out what’s nearby, or on offer on site – but the best part is, if you’re still not sure – you can speak to our incredible Guest Experience Team, and make sure it’s right for you.

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