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Cabins in North Wales

A huge national park with mountains to get lost in, a peninsula that ripples out into the sea, islands buzzing with wildlife, history rising from the ground and cosy country pubs sending smoke signals up from the valleys. All of this is waiting for you in North Wales and our cabins, scattered across this beautiful landscape, will immerse you in a place where there’s always something new to discover.

Featured cabins in North Wales

Why book a cabin holiday in North Wales with C&S?

Our cabins are all different. What we look for when we inspect them is character, creativity, a real connection to nature and a bit of magic. That's not to say that we don’t check the comfort levels, but where some might have every appliance going, others might be a bit more of a taste of the simple life. What we do is to give you a clear, honest picture of what you’ll find and if you can’t decide, get in touch and we’ll help you find the experience you’re looking for.

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About cabins in North Wales

Where’s all that stuff you mentioned earlier? Ok...huge national park – Snowdonia. Snowdon itself is an easy walk (and there’s even a little train that goes up) but the best bit is the far-less-explored south, where there’s a wealth of ways and waterfalls that few ever discover. The Ll?n Peninsula is often known as Snowdonia’s Arm and it’s a craggy place of coves and villages, like a mini Cornwall, but far less developed. Puffin Island, just off Anglesey, is home to... well, you can guess, plus there are seals all over the place. For history there’s St Winifride’s Holy Well, the lighthouse at Llangefni and ancient monuments all through the hills, and if you can’t find a good pub then you’re walking around with your eyes closed.

What’s it really like staying in a cabin in north Wales? Cabin life is one of those things that conjures what feels like nostalgia, even if you’ve never lived in one. Part of that feeling is just being in nature, a sensation of ease and simplicity which all our cabins will give you. The other part is trickier. Some people want cabin life to be all about wood chopping and heating water for tea over an open fire, but others want a place that’s a bit more luxurious. We have both kinds of place, so you can choose where to sit on the wildness spectrum. If you’re having trouble deciding, then get in touch and we’ll talk you through your options.

Why should I take your word for it? We’ve been in the glamping business for a long time now and we’ve seen thousands of places. The ones we choose to work with are the ones that we loved when we visited. We see our job as matchmaking - getting you, a glamping-curious traveller with a good sense of adventure, in touch with a place that’ll steal your heart away. We won’t tell you that a place is right for you if we don’t think it is. We want you to experience nature, whatever that means to you, from foraging for your dinner to lounging in a starlit jacuzzi.

Is glamping good for the environment? This is a tough question and one that we think about a lot. Glamping structures tend to be low impact, with sustainable power sources, and often involve the work of a lot of local craftspeople and materials. So they’re pretty green, but still constitute travel, with all the attendant problems that brings. We work hard to give our guests public transport options (although this is tough in rural settings) and are working to help our owners install EV charging points and do what they can to minimise their carbon emissions and other environmental impact. We also plant a tree for every booking we take, are a certified B Corp and part-owned by a charitable trust that supports environmental causes. You can read more about our challenges, successes and plans in our impact report.

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