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Cabins in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is so huge that even if you favour the modern divisions over the catchall border of the Norman era, you still end up with North Yorkshire as England’s biggest county. For a region of such size it has a remarkably clear identity, instantly bringing to mind a rugged landscape criss-crossed by low stone walls. While you will find that scenery in abundance, there’s also a beautiful coastline, rich history and incredible food everywhere, from the trendy streets of York to the low-beamed bars of endless country pubs. Our cabins have been carefully chosen to immerse you in everything that’s great about Yorkshire, so book a long stay, because it’s going to take a while.

Featured cabins in Yorkshire

Falling Water

Falling Water

From £145 p/n


From £250 p/n
The River Lodge

The River Lodge

From £180 p/n

Why book a cabin holiday in Yorkshire with C&S?

Because you’ve always secretly hankered for the life of a flannel-wearing, wood-chopping frontier person and this is as close as you can get without flying to Canada. Seriously though, Yorkshire is a beautiful place where you can disappear into the hills and our cabins have been carefully inspected and selected by our team to make sure that the place you come home to is as incredible as the landscape you explore.

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About cabins in Yorkshire with Canopy & Stars

Yorkshire’s pretty big, where should I go? The obvious choice is the enormous green spaces, the Dales in the centre and the North York Moors to the east. Both are wonderful places to stretch your legs and take in some jaw-dropping views, but spare a thought for the coast as well. Whitby is a seaside town that celebrates the classics with things like a Fish & Ships Festival and there are stretches of windswept coastal hiking that’ll blow your mind and drop you into tiny villages like Staithes, that cling to the cliffs of narrow coves.

What makes a cabin a cabin? Good question! Here’s a simple rule of thumb - if it’s made of wood and doesn’t have wheels on the bottom, it’s a cabin. But there’s more to it than that of course, because cabin life is a feeling more than a structure. There’s a simplicity to the best cabins, a sense that all the noise of normal life has been muted, letting the background hum of nature finally reach your ears. That’s not to say that cabins have to be off grid and basic, just that they give you a sense of peace that no fancy hotel ever will.

Can I trust you with my (glamping) life? Yes, you definitely can. We’ve been inspecting cabins all over the UK and Europe since 2012 and our parent company, Sawday’s, has been in travel since the 90s. In all that time, the guiding principle has been that we look for more than comfort and quality. We want places to have character, to be run by creative people, not faceless corporations, who want their guests to be wowed by their space and welcomed to the area they live in. So you know that not only have we been to every place we work with, but that we loved it while we were there, and think you will too.

Are you green or just greenwashed? Environmentalism in travel is a tough subject, but we do the best we can. We’re part-owned by a charitable trust that supports environmental causes, we’re a certified B Corp and we have an Impact & Sustainability Manager whose sole focus is finding ways for us to do fewer bad things and more good things. We’ve partnered with companies to provide our owners with electric vehicle charge point advice, have an accessibility consultant who’s working on our spaces and website to make them more usable by anyone, and are always looking for ways to make our business more of a force for good. You can read our full impact report here.

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