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Cabins with hot tubs in Shropshire

If you’re heading to Shropshire for the first time, you’re in for a scenic, gastronomic and cultural treat. Timbered Ludlow is packed full of mouth watering eateries, the countryside has miles of footpaths for leisurely strolls (or adventurous hikes) and you can tick off historic attractions like Ironbridge Gorge and Severn Valley heritage steam railway. Stay in one of our cabins with a hot tub to ease aching limbs after a day of adventures, while you admire the beauty of the gently rolling landscape.

Featured cabins with hot tubs in Shropshire

Why book a cabin hot tub holiday with Canopy & Stars?

We’re glass-half-full types at Canopy & Stars but we must confess to having a shared aversion to bland, boring holiday accommodation. We want your glamping trip to be memorable for all the right reasons. That’s why we go the extra mile to find quirky cabins with hot tubs that immerse you in the great outdoors, and surprise you with unexpected luxuries. Don’t just take our word for it, book a getaway and discover the magic for yourself.

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About cabins with hot tubs in Shropshire with Canopy & Stars

What’s it like to stay in a cabin with a hot tub? As you sip a glass of fizz in a steaming hot tub, while spotting constellations in the dark skies overhead, you’ll begin to experience a deep, peaceful contentment. Shoulders will drop, smiles will widen and conversation will flow effortlessly. Cabin life is designed to be slow and attuned to the rhythms of nature. Take long walks, embrace leisurely lie-ins, cook unhurried meals and book another one of these soul-nourishing trips as soon as you can get away with it.

Sustainability and glamping We know travel leaves a carbon footprint, but we’re committed to minimising our impact and promoting positive change in the glamping sector. Canopy & Stars are one of the highest-scoring B-Corps in the travel industry, we’ve established a charitable trust with an environmental focus and we’ve pledged to become net zero by 2030. You read more about our achievements, goals and challenges in our latest impact report.

What makes Shropshire so special? Bring your spirit of adventure to Shropshire. There’s no such thing as a typical day here, but if there was it might include a hike along Offa’s Dyke, a glorious kayaking trip down the River Severn, and an hour or two spent exploring the shops and cafes of medieval Shrewsbury. Scurry back to your cosy cabin after an action-packed day to de-robe and sink into the inviting water of the hot tub.

Why book with Canopy & Stars? When you book with us, you’ll be staying in a glamping place that we’ve personally inspected. We even sleep over so we can test the beds, barbequed over the firepit and try out the hot tub. We also get to know our brilliant owners in order to share their local knowledge with you. If there’s a great pub or farmer’s market nearby, you’ll know about it.

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