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Glamping in Shropshire

Whether it’s hiring canoes to explore the waterways, the woodland, scrubland, moors or meres, there’s plenty to find when going glamping in Shropshire. Run to the hills and climb The Ercall, The Wrekin or Titterstone Clee, and take in the panoramic views of miles and miles of wild. Back at your stay, end the day glamping with a hot tub, and let the day’s exertion melt away.

Our popular place types

These are our most popular glamping place types in Shropshire. Our team have visited every single one personally, to find only the most special and quirky spaces that we just know you'll want to visit.


Haedd exterior
Barns, bothies and more

Barns, bothies and more

Why choose glamping?

The purpose of travel is to see something new, to experience something you hungered for, but couldn’t name. A world unlike yours. Yet, in identikit hotels, in mirrored halls, with buffet breakfasts indistinguishable from the next, you begin to realise… will I be able to distinguish this from the others? There’s no doubt when glamping. Each space is unique, each stay so different from the next, you could visit the same space and see a different place each season.

Recommended places in Shropshire

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About glamping in Shropshire

Who we are We’re a small independent company, based in Bristol, that’s employee owned, with its own charitable trust. We believe in making an effort to do good with all our choices, to promote sustainability and to travel better, whilst not sacrificing what makes it special. Our owners put their heart and soul into each space, and we inspect every single one to ensure it’s up to our, and your, high standards.

Why book a glamping break in Shropshire? Glamping in Shropshire is one of the finest ways to stay in touch with the wild, and we happen to be the best way to do it. Whether it’s hunting to find that special place glamping in Shropshire hills, or somewhere you can unwind glamping with a hot tub, we’ve carefully chosen and inspected every single one – as we recommend you do too. Your stay could be a cabin amongst the trees, a Mongolian yurt with an outdoor bath, or even a space built almost exclusively from repurposed items – going glamping in Shropshire has never been so wild.

Glamping in Shropshire with us Do you dream of waking up to sunrise dancing off the rolling Shropshire hills? What about snuggling into a sheepskin blanket in a yurt with your better half? Or losing an afternoon to a good book, up to your neck in an outdoor bath? If you’re going Glamping in Shropshire, give us a call, a message or smoke signal. We’ve been there, done that, and found what you’re looking for.

Is Shropshire really all that special? No, not really. Not at all in fact. You’ll find the same kinds of trees, birds, flowers, animals of all sizes as you would almost anywhere else in the UK. But glamping in Shropshire? That’s a different kettle of fish. Nowhere else will you find a cabin on your own private island, a converted lorry by a dam – frequented by dragonflies and otters, or a Mongolian yurt decorated with the rainbow in an arboretum. You just… won’t.

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