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Many of the places we promote and love have seen the harmful effects of overtourism growing over the years, as homes bought for holiday lets drive out locals, and overcrowding puts pressure on infrastructure, elevates traffic levels and causes disastrous environmental damage.

This is a tough, tangled issue, but we feel the travel industry has a duty to face up to it. We know that we are part of the problem, but believe that we can also be part of the solution by taking action that we hope others will follow.

We have capped the number of places we represent in three UK locations severely affected by overtourism – the Isle of Skye, Snowdonia and the Lake District. In each of these, the seasonal population surge of tourism causes real harm not only to communities but to the land itself.

We acknowledge that, given our size as a company, capping our places won’t eradicate overtourism at a single stroke, but we hope that it will make other brands and travellers resolve to consider their choices more carefully. We believe in a better way of travelling and that any limits placed on our own income are a right and proper part of doing what we can to encourage it.

It’s time for the travel industry to come together and #travelbetter.

Mike Bevens, Managing Director Canopy & Stars

The caps we have introduced

Isle of Skye (6)

Isle of Skye (6)

Remote area and significant impact on local services, traffic and congestion, parking, litter, path erosion and overcrowding at places like Fairy Pools
Lake District National Park (20)

Lake District National Park (20)

A rural area with impact on communities such as traffic, parking issues, pollution, litter and shops catering to tourists not locals. Second home holiday lets are also an impact.
Snowdonia National Park (8)

Snowdonia National Park (8)

The area is attracting more tourists than the community can cope with and high numbers of second home holiday lets contribute to this. The impact includes litter, footpath erosion, wild camping, traffic levels and parking problems.

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