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Picture this: It’s literally any season, any time of day, on any stretch of the British (or European) coastline and you’re at a cabin. Instantly, you're away from the hustle and bustle of city living, watching surf crash, birds pirouette through the woodland, and sparks flicker skyward from a firepit. When night falls, you head inward, to the smell of fresh pine, the crackle of a wood burner, and that dish you never have time to cook at home. It sounds like a dream, but it doesn't have to be.

Featured coastal cabins

Why book a coastal cabin with C&S?

It will become easier and easier to see why you should book a coastal cabin with Canopy & Stars once you start looking through the collection. Every space you scroll past, we’ve been there, we’ve bum-bounced on the bed, dipped a toe in the hot tub or the outdoor bath, and admired the view out the window. So, when you look through that collection, you know we’ve already tried it, and loved it.

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About coastal cabins

Who are we? We’re a part family, part trust, and part employee-owned company that’s been delivering special spaces since 2010. We have experience inspecting everything from cabins, to treehouses, to bothies, to yurts. Nearly 200,000 Guests (and a staggering 9,000 dogs) have now stayed with our collection – so when it comes to glamping, you could say we know a thing or two.

Why choose glamping? Anyone who travels a lot will know, there’s a difference between staying somewhere, and living there. It’s too easy to blink and miss the place you’ve gone to visit, when the actual residence could indeed, just be anywhere. With glamping, all your senses are engaged, the sight of the hills from the picture window, the smell of the local trees, the sounds of the wildlife and the taste of the local produce – you’re there and you’re living it.

What about the environment? Sustainable travel – is it an oxymoron? Yes, and no – whilst travelling anywhere inevitably leaves a carbon footprint, travel itself is inevitable. From a cold hard need to a leisurely whim, we humans are known to move about. By publishing our impact report, we set a baseline, a standard to be held to, that can be emulated (hopefully), and then improved as new and higher standards are set.

What can I do at my coastal cabin? We can’t list everything you could do at a Canopy & Stars space here, there’s just too much. It could be as simple as dinner at a local Michelin restaurant, making campfire s’mores or taking a famous hiking trail. It could be as unusual as pottery classes with your dog, sound therapy, a tour of an outdoor art gallery or going truffle hunting (in season, of course).

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