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Glamping by the sea

Throw open your cabin doors and smell the salt in the air, hike for miles on clifftop paths to secret beaches and come home with sand between your toes to slump down into cosy comfort. This is what glamping by the sea is all about, and our collection of coastal cabins, all personally inspected by our hard-working (someone has to do it) team, offers you the perfect place to try it. Take a look at where you could be getting nicely nautical on your next seaside adventure...

Recommended glamping by the sea

Why book a glamping break by the sea with C&S?

We’ve been inspecting special places to stay and the experience of nature they offer for more than a decade now. We only work with places we really love and that we think you’ll love too. Every one of them has been visited by us, to make sure that you’ll be delighted by what you find inside and outside, which in this case is a superb seaside adventure.

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About Glamping by the sea

What do we mean by “by the sea”?

There are a couple of coastal cabins on our site where you can step straight from the deck onto the sand, but generally we’re talking about places within a few miles of the coast. It’ll never be more than a quick rumble down to the beach or to the nearest hiking trail with sparkling sea views and every one of our coastal cabins will give you that shoes-off casual feeling that makes glamping by the sea so special.

What do we look for in our cabins by the sea?

A place by the sea needs to do a couple of things. First, you want to be able to bring the outside in, to feel the sea air and sunlight. So we love big windows and doors that fold right back to blend the indoors and outdoors. But coastal weather is very changeable, so you need to be cosy too, which is why we also look for decent heating and comfort options, so cuddling up on rainy days is as much fun as exploring on sunny ones.

Where will you find our coastal cabins?

Our collection spans the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Republic of Ireland. We’ve even got a few places in Scandinavia. At home, you’ll find coastal cabins from Kent beaches to the windswept shores of Skye, with Europe offering some superb seaside spots from dramatic Italian clifftops to Madeiran escapes with views over the sparkling warm waters off Africa.

Will I like glamping by the sea?

It’s hard to be completely certain about subjective things like this, of course, but yes. 100% yes. If it’s just the two of you travelling, then you’ve got the perfect blend of active days and cosy nights. If you’ve brought the kids or the dogs along, then you can tire them out on long stretches of sand. A big group? Then look forward to beach barbecues or fresh seafood, picked up from the market and eaten round the table in your big coastal cabin.

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