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Cabins with hot tubs in Wales

Known as the castle capital of Europe, the Welsh countryside feels like it’s been copied from the pages of a fairytale – albeit one featuring quite a lot of rugby. With more than 400 castles still standing, that’s more per square mile than any other country in the world. Throw in gorgeous beaches, majestic peaks and vast forests and it’s no exaggeration to describe Wales as one of the most beautiful places on earth. A cabin with a hot tub is somewhere to unwind, reconnect with nature and bask in the warm embrace of the land of myths and legends (and those luxurious bubbles). Take a look at our Welsh cabins with a hot tub.

Featured cabins with hot tubs in Wales

Hinterland House Cornwall

Hinterland House Cornwall

From £185 p/n
Shepherds Hill

Shepherds Hill

From £150 p/n

Why book a cabin with a hot tub in Wales with Canopy & Stars?

If the fresh air and epic scenery of Wales are calling, don’t settle for the anticlimax of a bland hotel room. Full immersion in the stunning landscape in one of our cosy cabins will feed your soul, while the Welsh cakes, melted cheese and world-famous lamb feed your appetite. The bubbling warmth of the hot tub makes it easy to stay outdoors for even longer – bonus points if someone brings you a glass of award-winning Welsh wine. We carefully select and inspect every cabin to make sure the sunsets are spectacular, the beds are irresistibly comfy, the fires crackle to perfection and the fairy lights twinkle magically. Book your Welsh cabin with a hot tub and find out what all the fuss is about.

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About cabins with hot tubs in Wales with Canopy & Stars

What’s it like to stay in a cabin with a hot tub? Everything seems greener in a cabin with a hot tub in Wales. It must be those uninterrupted views over verdant valleys, rolling hills and pine forests. Put simply, cabin life is good for the soul. It’s hard to sweat the small stuff from an indulgent sanctuary, deep in nature with a hot tub awaiting for leisurely, carefree soaks. We call it the ‘glamping grin’ – that slow, relaxed, ear-to-ear cheek stretcher of a smile that doesn’t leave your face after a couple of days of cabin life.

Sustainability and glamping We know that travel, by its very nature, leaves a carbon footprint but as a certified B-corp we're committed to promoting responsibility in the glamping sector. We take our responsibilities as an ethical and sustainable travel company seriously and have pledged to become net zero by 2030. We work closely with our owners to reduce their environmental impact and we limit the amount of places we represent in over touristed areas. To find out more, read our impact report.

About Canopy & Stars’ expertise Our special collection of places lets you experience a life more wild in the great outdoors. But this is glamping, not camping - if luxuries and playful features are high on your wishlist, you'll find them with us. Our spaces ooze character and spirit for meaningful getaways where you can slow down and enjoy time in nature and uninterrupted time with each other. You know you're in for a treat because we only accept 20% of applications. Find out more about Canopy & Stars.

What makes Wales so special? Thrilling adventure and blissful tranquillity combine in Wales for an unforgettable getaway. You could be riding a 100mph zip line, mountain biking or white water rafting one day, then relaxing on a secluded beach or forest bathing, the next. Every town, village and fortress is teeming with history and heritage, with a gripping story to tell. After a few days in your cosy Welsh cabin, you might take inspiration from the rousing choirs of this proud nation and be moved to song by the delights you’ve discovered. There’s no doubt that Wales punches well above its weight for attractions, culture and sheer gorgeousness.

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