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Feel wild | Forest

There’s a sense of comfort to the still, damp air under a thick forest canopy. It’s no wonder that it’s something many of us seek out when we need to feel wild. Here are some places to book your tree time, as well some sights and sounds to take your there right now.

Secrets sights of the forest

Mysterious gaps in the treetops, woodland internet and the magic of mushrooms - five things to look out for on your next forest walk.

Name that tune

Master the soundtrack to the forest with the Woodland Trust guide to British birdsong. Sound files and written descriptions mean you'll be picking out a Dunnock's "tseep" and a Bluetit's "chur" in no time. Assuming you aren'talready.

Slow roasting

We’re not sure if Men With The Pot is about food or meditation, but their slow, wordless videos of outdoor cooking will leave you in a happy (if hungry) place.

Local tree seeks friend for hugs

Treehugging is good for you and we can not only prove it, but help you try it. While we'd recommend a few days away in nature, here are five great spots near major UK cities, for easy treehugging day trips

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