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Feel wild | Moorland

Wide, misty moors are a place to brood, create and let your mind and body wander. Here you’ll find some of our favourite spots to explore the open moorland that makes up so much great UK wilderness, along with people, places and pubs to get you up for a stroll.

Spooky, scary and strange

Three creepy tales from the dark depths of the moors to tell round the campfire.

The really big picture

We talk to Syndey Henderson of Cairngorms Connect about carrying 3000 willow trees up a mountain as part of a 200-year vision for the future of the UK's largest National Park.

Art bringing the moors to life

Art can show you a landscape as you never thought of it before. We've picked out a few artists whose work in paint, wood and stone takes in the grandest scenery and the tiniest detail of the moors.

Wild with flavour

Walking the moors is always better when there’s something tasty to head for. Here are some of our favourite places to arrive, damp-footed and windblown, for a pint, a big lunch or even an ice cream.

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