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Outdoor baths with view under tree

Soak it up in our five favourite outdoor baths

We just love getting wet and wild, so picking only five from our 100-strong outdoor baths collection was always going to be tricky, but here we go. No hot tubs here though, we’ve settled that debate.

Baron, Ayrshire

First up is a stunning piece of frontier-style magic on Scotland’s west coast, where your outdoor bath comes with sea views that reach all the way to Northern Ireland on a really clear day. The cabin sits on a hill above a tiny harbour village, wrapped in a blanket of woodland that you can hike through or simply settle into for a few lazy days. Oh and don’t worry, the chimney isn’t on backwards, the fireplace is outside so you can pull the rocking chairs round and warm your feet while you wait for your turn in the bath.

Holly Water Cabin, Devon

As great as it’ll undoubtedly be, a wallow in the outdoor bath at Holly Water Cabin will have some competition for Best Moment of your stay. There’s morning coffee in the recliners on the deck, late nights wrapped in blankets on the beautiful tree chairs by the fire pit in the woods, and afternoons in the nap treehouse all vying for top spot. It’s not a bad problem to have. Around you is a swathe of uninterrupted Devon beauty that you can venture into or do nothing more than gaze at, whether that’s over the lip of the burnished copper tub, or from anywhere else that takes your fancy in this harmonious cabin.

Southcombe Piggery, Devon

Another double tubber now, but with a little less effort. The two outdoor baths by the fairytale cottage in a meadow are filled from taps that hang over the side of the low trough-like tubs themselves. They make for the perfect romantic moment, soaking side by side in the sunshine. We’d say it’s extremely relaxing, but then if you’ve been at Southcombe Barn for a while you’ll already be pretty chilled when bath time comes around. There are yoga classes, foraging walks, flower art workshops and more to peace you out, as well as miles of woodland to walk if all you want is quiet quality time. You’ll just have to call the outdoor baths pure indulgence and be done with it.

At The Pond

As you can imagine, this photo nearly broke Instagram. We exaggerate of course, but it’s fair to say a lot of people were pretty keen to get into this outdoor bath down in Somerset. The rest of the space isn’t bad either, with a circular main bedroom up the slope, a steam room and a superb dining spot down by the water’s edge, with an open fireplace for toasting dessert marshmallows. If you’re feeling brave you can dive into the pond, safe in the knowledge that the beautiful outdoor bath is there to reward you once you’ve returned to room temperature.

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