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Glamping in Essex

On the East Coast of England, Essex has 350 miles of coastline, and a huge proportion of countryside – with only three cities in the whole of the county. With plenty of nature reserves, woods and parks in dispersed with miles of rural land, it’s the perfect place to visit and get purposefully lost in nature. Essex is constantly changing, with new things to do and old things to see. From the ancient estates, to the ever-increasing vineyards that are now dotted across the county, and if you look hard enough.... you might just be able to stay on one.

Why book a glamping break in Essex with Canopy & Stars?

We’re a small, independent travel company focusing on unique places to stay in nature. Employee owned, we focus on sustainability, aiming to create a positive impact on the world with all of our choices. We try to work only with owners whose space is there passion, and we inspect every space we add to our collection. This means when you book with us, we can ensure you’re matched with your perfect stay. To us, glamping isn’t just a place to stay, it’s a way to live a life more wild.

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About glamping in Essex

Who we are We’re a mixed bunch, but one thing we have in common is our love for people, places, and the environment. Canopy & Stars is part family owned, part employee owned and even part charitable trust – through which we donate money to climate concerned charities. We inspect every space we have, so you know when you get there, it’s as you expect it (or even a little better).

Why choose glamping Glamping is a modern spin on an ancient trend. Moving nomadically in search of something new, interesting and different. Things have moved on a bit since its prehistoric invention, and it won’t be tough to notice. You’ll find things like Hikki hot tubs, saunas and yoga studios. But you'll find everything good that’s low tech too. Wild swimming, forest bathing and epic trails to trek.

What about the environment? For starters, one of the best things about Canopy & Stars places is that you can get to every one of them without a plane. But does that make them green? On its own, no. But we’re working to achieve net zero by 2030, working to plant one million trees and have established a charitable trust with an environmental focus, and that’s just the beginning. If you’re curious to learn a little more about our goals, take a look here.

What can I do at my stay in Essex? What about taking an evening to paddle a boat across your private lake? Throwing clay, and firing it in a kiln? You could hire kayaks, and take on the Ray Channel, or go on a wine tasting and taking tour of the vineyard. There’s so much to try, when it comes to what to do – options are not the problem. It’s how long you can take off to squeeze it all in.

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