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Romantic glamping breaks with a hot tub

When you’re bogged down in work deadlines and life admin, romance can get bumped to the back of the queue. Get your love life back on track with the kind of romantic glamping break that offers total escapism from the daily hustle. Gaze into each other’s eyes in a fairy-lit hot tub and let time slow to a sultrier pace. You’ll soon be toasting your relationship with a glass of something sparkling and counting the ways you rather like each other.

Featured romantic glamping breaks with a hot tub

Why book a romantic glamping hot tub holiday with Canopy & Stars?

We don’t find it hard to personally inspect every one of our romantic glamping places but it’s hard to drag ourselves away after just one night. The setting needs to be perfect when romance is on the cards, so we make sure the lighting is soft and atmospheric, the beds are deliciously comfy, the views are breathtaking and the all-important hot tub is meltingly warm and cosy.

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Breathe in the fresh air, crack open the bubbles and make new memories. Cuddling up together in a warm outdoor hot tub under a sparkling blanket of stars will be the icing on the cake (or the skylight in the treehouse).


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About romantic glamping breaks with a hot tub with Canopy & Stars

Who we are

Canopy & Stars are a small independent travel company based in Bristol. We love a hot tub, but even more than that, we love to share our passion for nature with as many people as possible. We strive to be a force for good in the travel industry and we’re proud of our B-Corp status, charitable trust, and employee-ownership. Find out more about what we do in our impact report.

What’s so special about hot tubs?

Hot tubs come in two different forms, the bubbly traditional variety and the wood fired type which is kinder to the environment. Whichever you choose, they’re a magical way of relaxing in the great outdoors. Soaking in blissful warmth while breathing in crisp fresh air and gazing at epic scenery is a profoundly peaceful experience.

Our romantic breaks with hot tub holidays

Phones down, attention undivided and water seductively warm – it’s easy to reconnect with each other on a romantic break with a hot tub. The steam will rise, the stars will sparkle, and the total seclusion will allow you to let go of any little stresses and create lasting memories together. The remote beauty of our glamping places will get the endorphins flowing as much as any other activity you choose to enjoy together.

We care about responsible travel

We’re on a mission to promote positive change in the glamping sector and build a greener future. We work closely with our owners to reduce the environmental impact of their spaces and we’re committed to achieving net zero by 2030. We also have an Overtourism Policy that caps the number of places we work with in certain locations, and we encourage guests to explore new destinations or travel out of season.

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